Apr 10, 2014

Reverend Al Sharpton Wired for Sound by Rudy Giuliani

Geraldo Radio, Noam Radio, Rudy Radio, Bernie Radio!

Seriously, Geraldo Rivera runs an informative radio show....even when he is not there.

Today we had Noam, in for Geraldo--busy on his secret mission.......

Check out the video, Noam is not only pleasant on the radio but he is cute, too.

Noam went on today with Rudy Giuliani talking about the new mayor of New York De Blasio.......Rudy gave his take on things....how Mr. De Blasio is doing so far and how his style will pan out over a period of time.

Rudy thinks he is doing a pretty good job but would suggest he clean up his act about being late for the press conference.

Like Bernie Kerik--Mondays's with the Commish--Rudy is a frequent guest of the show but the cool thing is--agree or disagree--Rudy had the gift of explaining things in a conversational way.  He explained the mayor can get blamed for everything regardless of his ability to control it or not.  Rudy was blamed for record snow shortly after he was in office.

The New Yorkers take it personally when it comes to shoveling snow.

There are still complaints from certain areas of town where it was thought the snow was not removed in a fast enough way to please the residents of those streets.

As far as how he has done in office so far.......good and bad...he does not deserve a grade so far as it is just too soon.  Rudy said he has a completely  different philosophy regarding city government and business so he is a bit one-sided and maybe not the best one to give an opinion.  Having said that he gave us a lot of info about the new mayor--explaining how things work--I love that.

Talking about Al Sharpton possibly wearing a wire.......referring all inquires to the justice dept he said he was the United States attorney at the time and he cannot really talk about the claim of him wearing a wire, as reported recently in the news.  It happened in Rudy's district.

Rudy explained he had dealt with very tough criminals at the time and he was bound by the rules of the law....there was a contract out for his life for 800,000 dollars.  This was in 1984.

He is not saying he already knew about it but he did say he was very active in justice at the time.

Noam Laden suggested Rudy Giuliani and Al Sharpton seemed as if they hated each other at the time but the question remains is Giuliani the one who wired AL Sharpton.......it sure seems like it according to Noam.

Good interview, with former mayor Giuliani, Noam.

Good scoop, Noam, the caller said, Geraldo is going to be proud of you.

Geraldo is the friend of Reverend Al and has defended him many times as this blog has mentioned on many occasions the hatred rant of Bill O'Reilly against Al Sharpton.  It does not take long to listen to his show, Politics Nation, to find spiritual inspiration in his words.

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