Apr 1, 2014

O'Reilly Critic Chloelouise Re-Rants Self-Righteous Bill and Calls Him Out on Hate Talk To Rep Barbara Lee

so troubled by the use of the word...decent.....what does that mean.........

here is the original post from Ellen on Newshounds talking about O'Reilly and his rant against Representative Barbara Lee........click on this link to see the story and the comments.....


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You use a lot of words and through it all your liberal anger toward everything decent comes through quite loudly. I don’t always agree with O’Reilly but he’s right in this case.

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/bill_o_reilly_amps_up_his_race_war_against_rep_barbara_lee_03292014#mOrgHBJMBHVV8OV3.99

to Jim.....can you please explain your self a little more.   I just do not see the anger you are describing, however, I feel like Bill O. is very angry and not doing a very good job of hiding it.  Sometimes I do agree with BO but not too often.  On my blog, the ronnie re I do try to understand Bill and why he is so popular.  I must give him credit for his success and try to understand it.  What makes him tick.  Again, to me his underlying theme is his cherished Catholic guilt...but what he fails to understand is that the rest of us, or many people, are just not ruled by guilt.  This rant against Rep Lee is the same as his rant against Al Sharpton.....I hate to say it but there is a part of him that is very racist.  He just cannot give any credit at all to these individuals.  He can't even acknowledge some of their good work....no he has to yell about them being all bad.  In the first place that is unrealistic and the second place why?  Wouldn't he think Barbara Lee or Al Sharpton know something about the issues of the inner city and the people that live there.  That's what I don't get....his hatred...he just can't come to terms with the fact that these may be complex individuals that have done some good work.  Why does he put them in a box?  Why does he have to say those ugly words and denounce them in every way.....and then claim how much he loves Jesus and his righteousness in the next breath.  This is what I want to understand about Bill O'Reilly.  After watching him many times it as if he thinks an African-American individual cannot know anything unless they agree with him.  That is really what he says over and over again.  He is just disrespectful and it shows.  Thanks for your time......cl

On the other side contrast that with "the folks".....he claims he is the only one who is looking out for the folks.  Who are those people.  I guess Rep Lee and Rev Al are not included in his folks....do you see what I mean?  I always ask are his folks the ones paying 500 bucks a pop for the meet and greet portion of his bolder and fresher gig going around the country?

here is my open letter to o'reilly about Snoop Dogg:

if you take time to comment--agree or disagree--it's appreciated:


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