Apr 7, 2014

Mondays on Geraldo Radio with Bernie Kerik

Former NYPD Police Commish Bernie Kerik on the radio with Geraldo today.

Actually, Geraldo was not there today and Noam Laden very amply filled in to chat with the big man and Top Cop of New York about life on the street for a police man or woman.

It is always interesting to hear what  Bernie has to say--he does have a way to relate to the average person that is informative and enjoyable.  Seriously, I can understand what he is talking about and I know zip about the police.

He told of a story of people under his direction asking him to join them on Saturdays for breakfast and training on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.   As first, Bernie felt like it might not be appropriate or proper for him to join their company but after giving it some thought he felt like it might be respectful to acknowledge their request.  He ended up joining them and it turned out to be a day of mutual respect and admiration for both sides.  He added, "That was the best thing I could have done to show how I cared about the hard work of the individuals  and unsung heroes who work so hard every day and unnoticed for the NYPD."  Every day they do crazy things and put themselves in harms way for the citizens of New York and the average person does not realize what kind of things they are going through.

My son, fixing coffee, said that guy hates liberals, listening to Fran Tarkenton rail against the AARP.......but I said that even though this is a conservative station and Geraldo is a republican he does have people on from both sides and that is rare in radio today.....usually they are hard core dem or repub one way or the other.

That's the radio show of Geraldo and why I like it....I get to hear both sides and the people feel free to talk so the listener gets a lot of info....and that is my goal.

Trying to see what makes cops tick.....that is way beyond interesting info to me.  it is something I would really like to understand.

Thank you, Bernie, for taking time to tell us about the hard work and caring individuals that work on the police force.  That is great information for all of us to know.

Mondays with the Commish......a regular feature on Geraldo Radio......

WABC New York.....1000--1200 Eastern Time.......yes, it is a good show.

here is a link to the show page......I listen to it or watch the vid on my chromebook:


Noam and Jared filled in for Geraldo today as he is on his secret mission.  Noam and Jared are enjoying their time in Dallas for the play offs.

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