Apr 26, 2014

how o'reilly gets it wrong on AA and Beyonce

how o'reilly gets it wrong.........

school nurse in San Diego......low-income school, mainly Hispanic kids from Barrio Logan....the 12 year old boys are beat up for gang affiliation........that is not equal to white kids......I lived in San Diego forever and did not realize this kind of thing went on.

Recently, from N'Digo--this kind of thing goes on in Chicago and other cities every day.

Bill does not discuss the opportunities afforded by social mobility.  Why is he even talking about these issues without a qualified discussion of learned individuals experienced in these areas.

The man is a simpleton--he is not really in search of true information.

On Beyonce......not only has his endless chatter become embarrassing--apparently he is enjoying her vids, as well--but he refuses to acknowledge the community work of Snoop in Long Beach and his football team.

This is well known and the info is easily accessible--again the man proves he is not really seeking information but cherry picking facts.

Zeke Emanuel hit the nail on the head when he said Bill could use his podium to give out important information to help others but instead he uses it to stir up fear for his own gain.

here is media matters on the Affirmative Action issue:


here is Huff Post on Beyonce:


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