Apr 10, 2014

Comedy Central Wichita Style

Downtown club will answer Wichita’s comedy cravings – and more

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  • Published Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 10:56 p.m.


If you go

Live at 215 Performance Theater

Who: Scott White and Sam Norton
Where: Live at 215, 215 N. St. Francis
When: 7:30 and 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday
Tickets: $12; www.loonybincomedy.com/wichita
Who: The Chinaman
Where: Live at 215, 215 N. St. Francis
When: 8 p.m. Thursday, 7:30 and 10 p.m. April 18-19
Tickets: $10 Thursday, $15 April 18-19; www.loonybincomedy.com/wichita
There’s been a bit of a laugh deficit in Wichita since the Loony Bin, the city’s only comedy club, closed 13 months ago.
Now it’s back with a new location, name and mission. Live at 215 Performance Theater opened at 215 N. St. Francis last weekend.
“We want to do more than just comedy,” general manager Jeremy Woolever said. “It’ll enable us to put on any shows possible.”
Fans of stand-up comedy needn’t worry. That style of performance will still be featured most Thursdays through Saturdays. A soft opening this weekend showcases comedians Scott White and Sam Norton. The Chinaman, a performer who’s known for his musical impersonations, will headline next week’s grand opening.
Woolever is one of the holdovers from the club’s 14-year run on East 21st Street. A couple of nearby shootings and the landlord’s reluctance to spruce things up convinced the owners to find a new spot. Live at 215 is part of a chain of comedy clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Little Rock that are owned by partners Jeff Jones and Larry Marks.
“We just figured it was time,” Woolever said. “We needed a different place and face.”
The new club was built in 1910 as the W.H. Gaiser Building, first used for carriages and then automobiles. Exposed brick walls and thick wooden ceiling beams add to the ambience. There’s about 4,500 square feet of space set aside for the club, with more next door planned for office use.
Another part of the appeal was location: It sits right on the border between the Old Town entertainment district and redeveloping downtown, with a 400-space parking lot across the street.
“A lot of good things are happening in this part of town,” Woolever said.
Live at 215 holds 135 seats in its theater, a few fewer than the old location, but also has a 86-seat bar up front where patrons can catch a drink before and after shows, as well as a kitchen capable of cranking out an expanded menu. Live at 215 plans to open for lunch and dinner in a couple of weeks.
Woolever expects the venue to be used for theatrical shows, concerts and private events. He said fans of stand-up comedy have been asking for months when the club would reopen.
That process took six months longer than expected as the owners took pains to make sure the building maintained its historical status. A plan to open last Friday fell through as the necessary inspections could not be completed in time. On Saturday, the doors finally opened despite the fact that all its beverage dispensers weren’t operational.
“We were pouring out Coke by the 2-liter bottles, pouring juice out of bottles,” Woolever said. “I think we did pretty darn well.”
Jones, part of the construction crew covered in dust who’d been laboring on the club the previous day, said he thinks all the work and waiting will pay off.
“We’re looking forward to another good 14 years.”

always love the comments:

  • David Callison ·  Top Commenter · Wichita State University
    Haysville passed a motion to rename the city to Eisenhower City!
    • Bill Whitbeck · Works at Self-Employed
      I went down there this past weekend for the opening show, it's a nice place. But what in the hell were they thinking picking a building that small and that design. We were crammed in there like sardines. They must've had the same designer as the downtown arena. And the design and layout is terrible, it's a long narrow room with the stage at one end. Those are the two things that might make me not want to go back. Also there's one 6 foot wide hallway with a 36 or 40 inch door that leads into the theatre that is both used for patrons exiting the early show and those entering the later show, it's terrible. The bar area up front is really small and there's not nearly enough waiting space for those waiting to get into the late show and then everyone waiting is in way of those trying to get out of the earlier show. I got a 17-year-old that could design that venue better than that. It's almost like they decided we're going to be in old town regardless of whether we can find a suitable location or not.

      from the wichita eagle and kansas.com

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