Apr 6, 2014

British Shirts-Good Price -Slim Fit--the sewing hearald tribune and the ronnie republic

news from the ronnie republic and the sewing herald tribune.........free shipping on London shirts.....good quality.....good prices.

Shirts and blouses from Hawes and Curtis......it's fun to visit this shop in London and see all of the sights in the heart of British tailoring....Savile Row is right around the corner.....and Rick Steeves features Jermyn Street in his England travel episode.

This shop, in particular, have very nice shirts for ladies and men, good quality fabric and prints, slim fit and classic fit....and the price is affordable....right now they have free shipping but on a regular basis the shirts are a great quality for the price.

Also the fabric shops in London have Liberty of London prints....yes they are a little expensive but one can immediately see the quality of the fabric......they also have fabric for a Chanel style jacket and braids for the acent.

Some of these shirts and fabric are almost impossible to find in the US.

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