Apr 18, 2014

Bill O'Reilly gets that funny Loser Look after James Carville Schools him on Winning Elections

 Bill O'Reilly says horrible things every night--how can he still be on television.  Trying to understand not only why he says those things but even more perplexing....why is he so popular.   fortunately President Obama and his ideas are more popular as is evidenced by his last two elections.  One of the commenters suggested Bill may quit for money but it seems like his ultimate goal is to talk and his ego and promoting his life style for everyone and his idea of religion--often his theme is his love of his own cherished Catholic guilt.  

Zeke Emanuel stated it correctly actually to him, that when he could use his podium to distribute information he uses it to stir up fear for his own gain...........but really,.....think about it......why..........that's what I don't get.........is he a pure racist at heart?

I really think that he believes that if everyone, of all colors and lifestyles, would simply just listen to him and follow his religious ideas and beliefs everything would be just fine.

Nothing is complex to him....the man is a simpleton.

Last evening he again harped on the idea that President Obama should shut down the Russian financial system....close it down completely......have MasterCard and all banks refuse interaction with Russian money.  First, does President Obama run Mastercharge and the banks........what would an act like that do to the stock market?  He has embarrassed himself many times like when he suggested someone was setting the price of gas and he was going to find out who it was.  Right, he told this to the vice-president of the commodities exchange who had recently written an book and tried to explain to him that the price was set by the commodity traders.

He also refuses to listen when the facts are right in front of him.........he goes on about Beyonce endlessly........seriously, as if he is not enjoying her vids, but refuses to acknowledge the good work of Snoop with his football team in Long Beach.  he shook hands with Snoop at the Kennedy Center honors.........

Wouldn't Snoop know more about the issues of the inner-city than Bill?

What do you think?   Why is he so popular?

Fortunately, we have people like James Carville, on the factor last evening to hand him a can of whoop-ass once in a while--Bill insisted we only need a person like Ronald Reagan with the right amount of charisma, for the repubs to win again.  James suggested it's no longer just the rich old white guys voting now--Bill did have that real funny loser look on his face at the end of the conversation.

from Slate calling Bill out on using code words for racial insults:


here is my letter to Bill about Snoop and his good work in Long Beach:


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