Apr 17, 2014

Bill O'Reilly: Did James Carville Just Slam the Screen Door in my Face or What

Tonight on the Factor.......

Guest James Carville attempts to explain to the "O" man why the repubs have lost the last 7 elections.

Bill had to argue........

Seriously, as if Bill had actually runs elections and campaigns and James hasn't.

Maybe Bill forgot.......James might know what he talking about on this one......Hello--Bill Cinton did win the election.

Bill tries to hang tough and tells James.....no, its not that we are all old white men out of touch.....its ideology and I admit the young people just do not get it.

James went on.....schooling Bill he mentioned minimum wage, health care, the economy, immigration.........

Bill remained a hard headed student and insisted its about personality and if we just get a good one we can go up against Mrs. Clinton.

James said......Mrs. Clinton will be awful tough to beat.

Bill knew he was handed a can of whoop ass this evening by Mr Carville and he had that loser look on his face at the end of the conversation.

Good job, James, can't wait for my girl Hillary in 2016.

Chloe louise--Hillary Girl forever.

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