Mar 28, 2014

what's up with the Dollar Stores in Wichita?

Walked in...where are the readers.... right over there......

 Seriously, right out of San Diego where the "Dollar" stores are actually a dollar......

Searching for a new pair of readers I strolled down 13th Street where two different brands of dollars stores were seen from my descent off the freeway.

In shock the signs read six, eight and ten dollars.

I was informed by the clerk, who had also offered the previous customer tips on child rearing, .......we have quality brands, such a s Foster Grant, that's why they are more than a dollar.

Really, because all of the dollar stores in San Diego have items for a dollar unless they are a "99 cent" store then the items are 0.99 cents.

All of those very same glasses in San Diego dollar stores are actually one dollar....everything in the store is one dollar......yes, even the Foster Grants.

A nice man walking by me to the next dollar store said maybe the "Dollar Tree" has items for only one dollar.

What's going on here because I was told the Dollar Tree was not actually even near this part of town.  It seemed like I was not in the high dollar neighborhood......wouldn't it be more practical to have the lower priced store in the areas that needed it the most.

To me, it seems like the owners of these stores may be taking advantage.........what do you think.

What is  your take on this outrageous dollar store situation in the fine city of Wichita, Kansas?

Love to hear from you and all comments, agree or disagree are appreciated.

And, for goodness sake, why are they calling it a dollar store?

In San Diego this would be a cause for a public outcry--to list a business as a dollar store and have items in there for more than a dollar--it would be an outrage and it certainly would be on the news.


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