Mar 11, 2014

The WP asked if I had a world view: Actually I do about the legacy of PO

President Obama: History will view him as a kind compassionate man

The WP asked if I had a world view....well, as a matter of fact, I do....PO will go down in hx not only as the first AF President if the US but also as a compassionate man....he is the first one to include all of the people in the political conversation,,,,and guess what, these people vote--something BO has not quite figured out yet.
talking abou the previous post from max stan from politico:  talking about President Obama and Bill O'Reilly.

this is so well said I will copy it and put it in my blog...the ronnie republic...I wish I could write like that.

President Obama will go down in history--not just as the first Aftrican-American President--but as someone who has included a new group of people in the political conversaiton.

My teacher said--it used to be--just the rich old white guys were the only ones making the decisions but it is not that way any more.

President Obama went even farther and included women, handicapped, low-income....all kinds of people that had previously been talked at or talked about or talked to once in a while.

Now, everyone is part of the political conversation of the United States of America.

And guess what--these people vote, fact, they are the majority of voters.

The dinos and "the folks" Bill meets that he is so busy looking out for do not make up the voting majority of our country.  President Obama knows this.  That is why he is the President and Bill is not--he couldnever be because he does not represent most of the people.  On his meet and greet portion of his tours, his gig with Dennis Miller, the tickets are 500 dollars...that was the price in San Diego.

As evidenced every evening, to many except himself, the man is out of touch with reality.

The problem---he is dangerous because he uses his podium to stir up fear for his own gain when he could use it to give out needed information.

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