Mar 27, 2014

Suzanne Taylor Talks TED Contoversy on Coast to Coast with George Knapp

TED Talks Controversy

In the latter half of the first hour, researcher and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor revealed controversies with the TED Talks program. She was hired to produce TEDx events in West Hollywood, based on her proposal to present expansive ideas, with such luminaries as physicist Russell Targ, an expert on psi abilities, and Dr. Larry Dossey, known for his work on the healing power of prayer. But a cadre of people within the TED organization decided her program was too fringe, even though she was planning on presenting highly credentialed people, and she was dropped. Earlier, TED had pulled a presentation by Rupert Sheldrake from their site. A protest and petition regarding TED's activities in this regard can be found at

Knapp's News 3/23/14

Knapp's News 3/23/14
George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention including an article about how one or more fragments of a rare meteorite possibly landed near St. Thomas, Ontario:
Caricature of George Knapp by Dennis Rano,
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  1. Here's my 22 minutes talking about TED on Coast to Coast: Taylor


    1. I thought my 22 minutes on Coast to Coast Sunday night went well. Here it is:

      TED Talks Suzanne Taylor Controversy
      Suzanne Taylor TED Controversy

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    2. What an honor to have Suzanne Taylor comment on The Ronnie Republic....always very interested in what she has to say as she has been a favorite speaker on Coast to Coast AM for a very long time. On the chromebook when I clicked on her link it did not work so then I simply copied and pasted it into my browser and everything worked just fine.

      here is the link:

      thank you, Suzanne, for taking time to chat with ronnie re.