Mar 16, 2014

Nathanial Poling and Chloe Louise Talk Health Care, Bill O'Reilly and the Legacy of President Obama on Politico

President Obama is cute, funny, popular and hot--and now he has the brilliant legacy of being a compassionate man, to boot.
He is not only the first African-American President of the United States but he has also included everyone in the political conversation. All of the people that were previously just talked at or about are now talking, making laws, giving their input and a part of the living, breathing government.
Women, low income, those with disabilities--these folks are now actually a part of things--it was said they were before but now they really are thanks to Barack Obama.
His legacy is brilliant.
O'Reilly bashes him every evening. Barack Obama is an unstoppable force and BO can't do anything about it.
President Obama is in--Bill O'Reilly is out. Good try Bill, but you might as well adopt a graceful if that will ever happen.
Oh, that's right, he's busy bragging about his porn expertise Beyonce style. He can't believe it--he can't believe it so much that's all he talks about.....Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce...every night......Bill you're so obvious.

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      step away from the joint and back to reality. He is more unpopular than Bush (and no one really thought that was possible) and his legacy will be forever tarnished by an awful economy that he couldn't quite turn around and an administration who just wanted to blame everyone else for everything that went wrong. Not to mention the privacy abuses that came under his watch by the NSA and CIA.

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        I did not say he is perfect but I don't think you can deny the things I have stated.
        He has changed our nation in a way that will not be forgotten and ways that are legacy building, ie: giving the country healthcare, everyone has healthcare now, this will not go away, why...because even repubs want health care for their uninsured kids...not to mention all of the other working people who just did not have it.
        Our system of health service simply did not work and it was expensive and low ranking in the world.
        Being the first black President is in a way symbolic for all of the people who were not personal favorite example was when he stood up to Rush...even the conservative guy on the radio here in SD said we have to be real careful of what we say now.
        And he is young and cute and clever and funny...he was hilarious on that show Bill had to complain about.....Bill is trying too hard to rain on his parade but it can't be done.
        Now, you and Bill may not want to hear those things...that he is good looking and funny.....but nevertheless, that is going to set his legacy in stone and sell his story. It is just two lucky things that will go together for the advancement of our country.
        You have to look at the larger picture....and look at the stock market...look at Ford and GM....look at wages.....we can thank PO for all of this.
        He will put the cheer leading skills and good humor of Ronald Reagan to shame in long run. Right now, BO doesn't know if he should get with him or bash him. For example, look at his reception at the service of Nelson Mandela.....PO is an esteemed world leader.
        We are lucky to have him......back to Perry Mason and the dishes.

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            Btw, are you referring to Obama taking selfies during the funeral service... I hardly found that to be "esteemed".

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                More people are off healthcare due to Obamacare being implemented. Millions had their healthcare dropped and those that didn't are only surviving due to unconstitutional waivers pushing the can down the road. My healthcare costs went up a lot more to pay for Obamacare, our healthcare provider told us this at the employee meeting. Hospitals don't turn away the sick here in this country, everyone is taken care of, that is before Obamacare, now you have policies that don't include the best hospitals so who is better off?
                I will give Obama his due for being the first black President, he was a very charismatic guy who gave great speeches but I have seen him do little more than that. If you want to marry the guy he is taken, I want a President who will lead the country back to the way it was under Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Leaders who work across the aisle to get common sense stuff done and get out of the way of capitalism and let it work. We have the greatest wealth producing country for all classes of people in the history of mankind, it doesn't need radically overhauled.

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                    I must address what you said about the health services in this country....this is why I don't get my house clean. Here is what can and did happen.....yes, a hospital cannot turn away an emergency situation....but, lets say you received the very best care...or in my case just the standard care we gave everyone, an indigent or VIP.....but then for some reason you did not have insurance......the hospital can go after your house to pay the bill. I have heard that story many times. Many people suffered bankruptcy from health care bills. Also, the insurance companies have all kinds of ways and rules to stop paying. Also, we do not want the individual to wait util there is an emergency to receive health care...we want routine preventative care for everyone. Because just getting care on an emergency basis is bad for the patient and very expensive in the log wasn't working.
                    Having said all of that I am sorry your rate went up...I really am...not being smart. I am sorry for all of the mix-ups that happened. no one wants confusion.

                    • Bill O’Reilly: Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t do ‘Ferns’

                      Bill O’Reilly doesn’t think President Barack Obama’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns” was funny, calling it “a little bit desperate” and saying Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have done it.
                      “The Affordable [Care] Act is dubious to say the least, and using a comedic website to enroll people is a little bit desperate, don’t you think?” O’Reilly said Tuesday on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

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                      Obama appeared in the video, which was published to comedy website Funny or Die on Tuesday, to promote Obamacare in a humorous, satirical sit-down with actor Zach Galifianakis.
                      The White House defended the appearance, with White House press secretary Jay Carney touting the new visitors brought to from the video.
                      But O’Reilly, who praised the president as “quick” with a “good sense of humor,” wasn’t laughing.
                      “I’m all for PR and if Carney wanted to go on Funny or Die, fine. But the president of the United States? All I can tell is you Abe Lincoln would not have done it,” O’Reilly said. “There comes a point when serious times call for serious action.”
                      While O’Reilly said he didn’t have a problem with the video “in general,” he raised questions about whether the timing hurts Obama, citing the economy and recent tensions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
                      “Putin is clearly testing the president. It looks like Putin believes the president is a lightweight, will a comedy video counter that? Just asking,” O’Reilly said.

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                here is a link to politico to see what Bill said:

                Thank you, Nathanial, for chatting--love the political conversation and love your input.

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