Mar 7, 2014

my letter to Zeke Emanuel re: Bill O'Reilly were great on o'reilly.  

I like to write about him in my blog:   

the ronnie republic.  

But here is what I wanted to say....I was a nurse forever  in the OR here in San Diego.  This is what the people out there do not realize....we had a spinal surgeon who partially owned the screw company--the implants he put in the patients back every day.  

Then we had this so called podiatrist who really did not know how to do surgery.  He used gelfoam and thrombin on rotting feet.  Sorry--I know it was not a pretty picture.  

I think he was ripping off medicare but no one would say anything.  

There were 3 anesthesiologists who made statements as in:

he should be reported, 

he has a little thing going on here.  

I finally reported him to the 800 number for compliance.  He had a consent from a different hospital one day.  

In retrospect everyone knew it but no one would say.  

Then the manager told me I should come to work and be more happy because I think they had to do something about it at that point.  I did not know what to do--I did not want to lose my job......because I am always under the gun for being too slow.  

Anyway...the dangerous thing about Bill is that is his whole thing....what you said...stirring up fear unnecessarily.

If you really listen to him he will take on any subject and instead of trying to explain it he uses the opportunity to stir up fear.  

It's scary....ted nugent scary....he wants to rule the world if he could have the opportunity but of course he cannot because he really does not know what he is doing.  

He hurts others and our country, which he claims to love so much, for his own gain.  If you really listen to him.... sometimes I think he is an old school white racist or an old school guilty Catholic--I can't decide.  

He hates President Obama because he is cool and hip and cute and helping people...Bill hates that because he can't beat that and he can't do anything about it.  Bill has lost the fight but he hasn't quite realized it yet. 

President Obama will go down in history not only as the first African-American President but also as the first President to include all of the people in the political conversation.  All of these people that were only talked about and talked at, as Bill continues to do, are now included and talked to, talked our President. This is a fabulous thing and it cannot be denied.  

All of the people that were previously left out have now been included in the conversation of America by President Barack Obama.  

The crushing realization for Bill and the other old rich white guys--there are more of these voters than Bill's "folks."  

Thanks for letting me talk.  You are doing a good job.  

Now I have community or medi-cal here in SD because I broke my leg--it is one of those clinics Bill referred to and it is the best health care I have ever had.  I love it.  The doctor and the dentist.  Bill should visit a "for profit" OR and see how it really works.  

Thank you for your good job.

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