Mar 3, 2014

Love You Liza: Liza Minnelli--Talented and Beautiful

Liza Minnelli attends the 86th annual Academy Awards Oscars in Los Angeles on  Mar. 2.

I love you, Liza, always have and always will.  

Also, when it comes to Liza's singing voice and her performance in Cabaret--there is really very few people who can equal or rise to that level of talent and ability.

While all of the actors in Chicago were very capable and talented--that movie really just showed off Liza's ultra gifts in Cabaret.  Singing, dancing and acting--she nailed all three with a certain vibe and inner happiness--those eyes.

What a powerhouse.

It was so fun to see Liza, Lorna and Joey.  What a lucky gift for the viewers and what a lucky moment in time.

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