Mar 19, 2014

Geraldo Radio Today: Viewing Update

Seriously....I am am always listening to the radio on my chromebook......

Okay this is a good one.

Go to down a tiny bit and click on the arrow.

This is a very good connection for listening and viewing Geraldo Rivera on WABC AM radio New York.

This is on every morning in San Diego at 7 AM.......right after Merrill and Lynda on KOGO 600 San Diego.

After going to this website once I  only have to type in a "g" on my chromebook and it comes right up.
The sound is loud and clear.

The picture is clear.

Right, it's fun to hear the news of New is very different than San Diego and it is also national and world news and talk with a New York take on things.

here is a link:

There is all the current info on Geraldo on this page, too.

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