Mar 19, 2014

Geraldo Radio: The New Streaming

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  • yes, it is a higher quality of streaming now on than on the WABC website. On WABC it was constantly dropping off--with this there is no interuption.

  • Geraldo Rivera Inks Deal With Blast Applications For Online Streaming, Store

    March 19, 2014 at 4:32 AM (PT)
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    CUMULUS News-Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK midday host GERALDO RIVERA is partnering with BLAST APPLICATIONS, INC. to establish audio and video streams of his show and an online store at

    BLAST CEO DINO LUZZI said, "It is incredibly exciting to announce our joint revenue agreement with the GERALDO RIVERA team to promote their popular radio show and online store.  This agreement is another key milestone in our growth for 2014 as we continue to expand BLAST APPLICATION's opportunity to create more revenue in the near future.

    "GERALDO RIVERA means what he says and doesn't waste time. 'Can you get it done?' he asked me. I smiled and said 'Yes.'"

    RIVERA added, "With the help of BLAST APPLICATIONS, we expect the GERALDO RIVERA radio show to experience new growth and revenue opportunities."

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