Mar 26, 2014

George Knapp and his Good News for Coasties

Everyone loves George Kanpp, and especially all of the Coast to Coast AM fans.

All of the Coast listeners know George runs one of the best radio talk shows out there as he fills in on the weekend for regular host George Noory.

All of the hosts are interesting and friendly--it is simply a nice message in the night--solving sleep problems, loneliness, provocative and interesting talk--that's why it is so popular.

George is usually on the last two Sundays of each month but this last weekend he announced he will be hosting again this weekend Saturday and Sunday.

Wow, George, what a special treat.

Love writing about George Knapp and one of his best shows ever was when he interviewed Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clarke--written about in the Ronnie Re--she has done very many interviews with Indians and told of unusual sightings.  She is inspirational in her respect for others and is also helpful to writers.  I had the great honor to interview her and it remains one of my best experiences in writing my blog.

Thank you George and George and Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke for teaching us about other people and talking to us throughout the night.

here is a link to my interview with Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke:

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