Mar 29, 2014

Bill O'Reilly: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

The race hustler, in fact, is O'Reilly.  

I'll give an example....the whole Beyonce thing.  Not to mention Bill has now totaly embarrassed himself over endless gawking at a beautiful women......but he will not listen.  

I have said in my blog and in many posts on this kind of media site.....Snoop has done a lot of community work in Long Beach.  Right, he is a big time hip-hop one is bigger, but Bill refuses to acknowledge his good work.  He refuses to talk about Snoop chatting about responsibility on Larry King   

No, Bill cherry picks his info.  He even shook hands with Snoop at the Kennedy Center Honors.  

Also, wouldn't Snoop know more aout the inner city situation than Bill.  this endless talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z......Bill is the show hustler and race hustler now....I'm sure that makes good ratings.  

Bill is the pot calling the kettle black.  

Well, what do you think.  

More power to the congresswoman for calling him out.  

I want to call him out, ronnie re.

from mediaite:

O’Reilly Stands by Calling Dem Rep. a Race Hustler: She’s Also a ‘Pinhead’ and ‘Liar’


Earlier this week Bill O’Reilly called Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee a “race hustler” and Lee shot back at O’Reilly’s “disgusting and divisive” language. On Friday night O’Reilly stood by his words and called Lee both a “pinhead” and a “liar” in response.
O’Reilly mocked Lee’s insinuation on MSNBC that on the right, “we all use phrases that denigrate African-Americans.” He went through a list of examples he believes bolsters his “race hustler” charge and said, “How about pinhead, congresswoman? You like that better?”
O’Reilly condemned Lee for “flat-out calling people with whom she disagrees racist” and then having “the gall, the nerve” to scold O’Reilly and the right for their remarks.
Watch the video below, via Fox News:
[photo via screengrab]
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good work on o'reilly....if he really cared about the issues he would tell the whole story rather than cherry-pick the info for his own gain at the expense of

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