Mar 12, 2014

Apparently Bill O'Reilly Likes to Watch Beyonce--Alicia Menendez Explains

some interesting comments:

o'reilly seems to be an expert on Beyonce and porn at this point...what, he likes to look at beautiful women, too.
Yammering on about Jay-Z and Beyonce taking responsibility every evening--he shook hands with Snoop at Kennedy Center Honors.....did he bother to chat with him about his well-known community work in Long Beach. Did he listen to Snoop talk about responsibilty to Larry King. Perhaps Bill should tune in to the actual news once in a while instead of just believing his own bilge.
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      The word is the only reason there's all this focus on Beyonce, Jay-Z and Bill O's rage against Gangster rap is because FNC wants to entice a younger and, especially, more diverse audience. Like most of the country.

    Very interesting....because the question I always try to ask is....why is Bill O'Reilly so popular--who is he talking to?  Who actually is his audience?  

    The tickets for the meet and greet portion of his gig touring around the country were 500 dollars a piece here in San Diego.  Are these the folks he is looking out for, as he frequently insists.  
    I think he does not realize there are more folks in line with President Obama than Bill.  In other words PO has been elected twice--the repubs are faltering big time.  

    If you actually listen to Bill very closely it seems like he only lives in his own exclusive ego-maniac world.  As in this whole thing with Beyonce--his thought process is really not from the point of a world view.  

    If Fox thinks they are attracting more viewers with their Beyonce and Jay-z talk....I personally would think they are pushing the younger viewwers away.  

    I think you may be right, though, because I think they want their candidate to win in an intense way.  Right, Bill and Roger Ailes would like to pick the next president,  I believe, they have stated.  

    Speakig of porn, that is why they got right in bed with Chris Christie in a fast way, because they wanted to be associated with the winning team but that has fizzled out and now it seems like they think Jeb Bush can pull the GOP out of the grave.

    Seriously, if they want the repubs tp appeal to a younger crowd why don't they run someone young, cute and reasonable like Jon Huntsman?  He might be too much for the rich old white guys, who I think, make up a major part of Bill's audience.

    I'll put what you said in my blog the ronnie re--interesting and insightful and thank you for your comment.

    from tv newser


    Alicia Menendez Takes on Bill O’Reilly Over Beyonce Comments

    Fusion’s de facto media criticAlicia Menendez, didn’t like what her old friend Bill O’Reilly said about Beyonce on “The O’Reilly Factor” this week, so she “went on his show” (aired clips edited to look like she was part of the conversation) last night to address the comments in question.
    At issue: O’Reilly says Beyonce “glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine,” while Menendez says the singer “empowers young women to be whatever they want to be.” Watch:

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