Mar 31, 2014

Ellen from Newshounds Talks the O'Reilly Rant Against Barbara Lee

Ellen, good job, as usual but particularly well done on this one.  O'Reilly is the race-hustler, in reality.  Not to mention he is also filled with hatred.  He goes on every night over Beyonce and Jay-Z insisting they should participate in community work but he fails to recognize Snoop.  Snoop's work in Long Beach with his football team is well known....Bill even shook hands with Snoop at the Kennedy Center Honors.  Also, wouldn't Snoop know more about these issues than O'Reilly?  Snoop has spoken with Larry King many times about family and taking responsibility.   O'Reilly gets an idea and refuses to see honest facts, as he also claims every night.  At this point I think he is deluded by his self-righteousness...he is so in love with his own Catholic guilt.  He cherishes his guilt.  The problem as stated by Zeke Emanuel....he uses and opportunity to stir up fear when he could use it to give out honest information.  Hard-headed old white man--too bad he could not have a wider view of the world.

Ellen from Newshounds describes O'Reilly:

Well done, Ellen.

Bill O’Reilly Amps Up His Race War Against Rep. Barbara Lee

Bill O’Reilly has never looked more bigoted than in his ugly and now uglier racial attacks on Congresswoman Barbara Lee. His maliciously grim determination to smear Lee as a “race hustler” says more about him than anything about her.
As I explained in a previous post, O’Reilly’s “race hustler” outrage stems from Rep. Lee’s objections to comments from Rep. Paul Ryan about the “real culture problem” in “our inner cities.” Ryan also cited white supremacist Charles Murray in the same remarks. Lee was not the only one objecting to Ryan’s remarks. But O’Reilly singled out her criticism – that Ryan’s comments were a “thinly-veiled racial attack” – as a reason to go on the racial warpath against her. Even though Ryan, himself, took no offense and even spoke warmly of Lee to O’Reilly.
The next day, Lee responded to O’Reilly’s attacks:
Unfortunately we’ve come to expect language like “welfare queens,” “food stamp president,” and now “race hustlers” from the right wing and Mr. O’Reilly. It is disgusting and divisive and should never be accepted in our national discourse.

For us to achieve the American dream for all, we must engage in this conversation that has been sparked about race and poverty, even if it is difficult for some. Racial discrimination, poverty, and income inequality remain issues that must be debated and addressed, and these kinds of ‘code words’ only get in the way of solving the real problems.

I can’t help but feel that O’Reilly’s agenda is to deliberately get in the way of solving those problems. You have to ask, why didn’t O’Reilly just let this drop? Even if Lee was exploiting race for political reasons, why is that such a big deal? Because white, rich people are so in danger of being eclipsed by African Americans who care about poverty and racial justice?
Rather than try for the kind of respectful dialogue he supposedly endorses, O'Reilly doubled down on his racial attacks on Lee. And the viciousness.
I called (Lee) a race hustler recently after she implied that Congressman Paul Ryan was prejudiced against blacks.
Actually, that’s not what she said. But O’Reilly was really getting going on his white-person-victimhood roll. He sneered sarcastically, “We all use phrases that denigrate African Americans. Do I have that right?” Then he went on to “prove” Lee deserves to be called a “race hustler.”
Let’s take a look at Ms. Lee’s history. In 2011, she accused the entire Republican party of trying to deny black Americans the right to vote. The entire party.
Suspiciously, O’Reilly did not provide Lee's quote. So I looked it up. Presumably, he was referring to her December 2011 statement in which she described Republican policies discriminating against African Americans, not calling Republicans racists per se. From the December 7, 2011, The Hill (which seems to have arrived at the same assessment):
On Wednesday, Lee charged that the ID laws would prevent 1 in 4 blacks from voting, and 1 in 5 Hispanics and Asian Americans. She also said the laws are a return to the voter suppression that was seen in the controversial 2000 presidential election.
“I came to this floor years ago, after the stolen presidential elections in Florida and Ohio, to protest the results of those two elections that were filled with voter suppression,” she said. “It worked for Republicans before, and so legislators in 42 states in this map of shame have doubled down on these strategies to make it harder for certain communities to vote.”
O’Reilly continued by citing other references of Lee’s “racial hustling” without providing quotes. He concluded:
And Ms. Lee claims she’s not a race hustler? How about “Pinhead,” Congresswoman. Do you like that better?
Now, this is a woman who is in the United States Congress, alright? Who is flat-out calling people with whom she disagrees “racist.” Whether they’re her colleagues, or me or the entire Bush administration or the entire Republican Party. And this woman has the gall, the nerve to get up there, alright? And then throw out terms like “welfare queen?” When has the Republican party ever used that term? When have I ever used that term? The answer is never. So not only is she a pinhead, a race hustler, she’s a liar. That’s who we have representing a California district. Barbara Lee.
Well, O’Reilly may not use the exact term “welfare queen” but his language clearly suggests it. Remember when he talked about minorities voting for Obama because they wanted free stuff? Or that it’s their own fault if people on food stamps don’t have enough to eat without them? I do.
Also, if you want to find someone who uses race as a hustle, you need look no further than O’Reilly. He’s the one who insisted on turning a national discussion about the George Zimmerman verdict, racial profiling and stand your ground laws into a whitesplaining harangue against African American culture; he’s the one who refused an invitation to go into an African American community to see the exact measures he was calling for being put into action; he’s the one who “discusses” President Obama’s initiative to help young black males succeed by briefly praising it and then quickly moving on to malign other aspects of black culture.
And, O’Reilly’s the one who regularly hosts Bernard McGuirk, fired from MSNBC for making racial jokes about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Last night, even though O’Reilly said he didn’t want either of his guests to comment about Lee, McGuirk, apparently, couldn’t resist. “You speak the harsh truth and some people can’t handle it,” he said.
In short, if you care about race hustling, the use of race as a weapon and a political tool is so common on Fox News, it seems to be an official policy.
By the way, there’s an online petition where you can Tell Bill O’Reilly: Apologize to Barbara Lee.
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Mar 30, 2014

Crop Circle Queen Suzanne Taylor Talking About TED on Coast to Coast AM

Last weekend we were so lucky to hear Suzanne Taylor talking about her experience with TED Talks.  She spoke to George Knapp last Sunday evening about TED Talks stopping her hard work and her program she was working on to be presented on TED Talks.

She ended up spending a lot of time and money to no avail--TED pulled the plug on her show without really saying why.

Suzanne has been a favorite on Coast to Coast AM for a very long time--always looking forward to hearing her speak it was sad to hear this story.

Here is a link to Suzanne talking to George on Coast:

Thank you, Suzannne, for sharing your link with the ronnie re.....we always want to hear what you have to say.  I would love to hear your TED

Getting to know Wichita with Pictures by Roy Wenzl of The Wichita Eagle

Chisholm Creek Park through the seasons

CNN: We are Filling the Piers Morgan Slot with Geraldo, Larry, Fred and George...we've finally come to our senses

CNN studio
CNN studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Geraldo Rivera after delivering the k...
English: Geraldo Rivera after delivering the keynote at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 2008 Public Policy Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: I took photo of CNN building in New Y...
English: I took photo of CNN building in New York City with Canon camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: James Carville speaks at Adelphi Univ...
English: James Carville speaks at Adelphi University (while on a book tour for All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President, accompanying his wife and co-author Mary Matalin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: NEW YORK. Vladimir Putin interviewed ...
English: NEW YORK. Vladimir Putin interviewed by Larry King, an anchorman with the US CNN TV Channel. Русский: НЬЮ-ЙОРК. Интервью ведущему американского телеканала Си-эн-эн Ларри Кингу. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, I guess CNN has finally come to their senses.....looked around, found their head and put it on.

It's about time, isn't it?

No, CNN big wigs admitted today they loved Piers but they just need someone more hip and more down to earth.

"We are just looking for someone a little more America," the big one revealed after pointed questions about the decision.

We want someone who can talk to our people--someone a little more New York with a touch of Brooklyn thrown in.

"You know, everyone really loved Larry--Larry just was not angry--he wanted to know everything.  Larry had that special ability to ask the question and take in the answer without turning the whole thing into an angry bar room brawl.

Geraldo has that same special talent.  Have you heard the people call in to him every morning on WABC in New York?

If it's the angry granny, the man on the street or the big political talkers--they all call in as if they know Geraldo personally.

Just like Larry King, Geraldo is compassionate--he cares for the average Joe.

Yes, it does involve a big paycheck to get the G man over here but, frankly, we needed him and we were glad to do it.

We are proud to have Geraldo Rivera in our stable.

Why all the talk about Larry King.........

Good News--Larry will be coming back to the network, as well.

Now, Larry is going to have a very special new kind of show......

Larry will be interviewing the stars of CNN starting with my girl, Fredrika Whitfield.  Fred is going to tell us all about her family, her famous mom and dad and all about her career in journalism.

Fred will also be talking about her brand new weekend hour long legal show.  Now this will be an expansion of the very successful "legal guys: with Richard Herman and Avery Friedman.  This show airs every Saturday morning with 2 or 3 segments and it has been a runaway hit.  Fred and those boys--they tell us everything about the current issues going on in the courts today.  It is an interesting and informative show.

Larry will also be interviewing Candy Crowley, Barbara Star, James Carville, Mary Matalin, Newt Gingrich, and a really good interview with Don Lemon is coming up.  Fareed Zakaria and Wolf Blitzer will be giant interviews.

The big boy said.....these are the real stars of CNN....this is what makes us tick--it is what the public loves and we are sharing our wealth.

Larry will also do a bombshell interview with Piers Morgan highlighting his relationship with Princess Diana and the media.

The CNN talker said--just listen to Geraldo Radio today--he had Tavis Smiley and Don Lemon talking about President Obama and his recent statements about race and kids.  He had Alan Dershowitz on Keri Kennedy who Geraldo felt was treated unfairly in her Ambien trial.

CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No, Geraldo gets all the opinions, says his own and keeps his cool--it makes for good talk and we are going to showcase it and share it with our listeners.  This is a rare quality in media today.

We will also be bringing back George Strombo, too.

Piers and AC tried to shut him down due to jealousy and we have finally put a stop to that.  Well, we finally interrogated them and they were working as a tag team to take over the world via the airwaves of CNN.  We really did not know what was going on but they took off Strombo and just kept running their shows endlessly--the viewers complained and our ratings suffered.  Apparently they had been given medication by the interplanetary leader.  This person appears on the Earth in the physical embodiment of Cher.

Good Luck to Geraldo, Larry George and all the other CNN stars....we will be watching your new show.

Facts and suggestions from Ronald as interpreted by chloe louise.


thank you for your consideration from the ronnie re..........all comments are welcome......agree or disagree.

Mar 29, 2014

George Knapp Talks Stanton Friedman and the Roswell UFO Incident

love writing about George Knapp and interesting radio on my blog the ronnie republic......always looking for contributors...agree or disagree....... that was: George Knapp and his good news for coasties..........we are going to have a special treat this weekend......George will be on Saturday and Sunday night....coast to coast AM.....thanks, ronnie re.

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Nuclear physicist searches for evidence in Roswell UFO case

Posted: Mar 28, 2014 9:47 AM PDTUpdated: Mar 28, 2014 1:31 PM PDT

The UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.The UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.

Stanton Friedman                   Photo credit: Redstarfilmtv.comStanton Friedman Photo credit:
LAS VEGAS -- The original investigator of the famed Roswell UFO incident says he hopes an upcoming appearance in Las Vegas might produce a piece of "smoking gun" evidence or a new eyewitness.
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has spent more than 30 years investigating the story about an alleged crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The military initially said the object was a flying saucer, but later changed its story and said it was really a weather balloon.
Friedman has interviewed dozens of witnesses over the years who allege the craft was something from outer space.
Friedman plans to speak at the Atomic Testing Museum on East Flamingo Road Friday, March 28. He says some of the same scientists who worked on the atomic bomb program in New Mexico would likely have been part of any cover up of a crashed UFO.
"The same smart people knew where the other smart people were to get answers and people knew how to keep their mouths shut, and some guy's saying, it couldn't have happened there, would have been an article in the Physical Review the next month," Friedman said. "No understanding of how security operates and that's part of my role is to educate the world. There really are secrets being kept folks, like it or not."
Friedman thinks some of the Nevadans who worked at the former atomic test site might have information about the Roswell crash and he hopes they will come forward during his presentation at the atomic testing museum. The public is invited.
here are some interesting comments following the post:

  • Hi Stan, I suspect your going to read this because we all like to keep up with the comments people post about ourselves. So.. can you please get a Twitter or Facebook account so we can keep up with ya easier? Thanks :)

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        Continued - in order to rendezvous with the mothership. It is an eerie feeling holding the wing tile fragments in the palm of one's hand. If fact, when I mentioned to the co- dimensional reptilian Nagas, the crop circle designers of the fractal Julia Set, that the tile fragments had been reversed engineered, she called me a liar by saying, "You are lying. Nobody has those fragments!" So after getting my frequency, her remote viewer came into my room. Because he was from a lower speed of light, the room became wavy due to the lower spring constant of space-time. He asked me to remember when I had the fragment in my hand, after seeing it in my mind declared, "Yes, he is telling the truth."

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            I want to know what Stan Friedman thinks of Steven Greer. I can't find anything on that. Nor can I find anything on what Greer thinks of Friedman. I suspect that these two head honchos don't agree on much but they don't want to lock horns, and so they just remain silent about the existence of the other.

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                Mary England of Tennessee, when she was 5 years old driving through Roswell, New Mexico with her parents, witnessed two spacecraft crash into each other. She wrote a small book about the event.
                The Roswell spacecraft uses hexagonal tiles on the bottom of the wings and vertical tail surfaces that are made of 20 to 30 layers of bismuth and magnesium. Because bismuth is so much heavier, with many more electrons, the thickness ratio of magnesium to bismuth is 102 to 1. The reason that the tiles have a hexagonal shape is that these two elements fit together in a perfect hexagonal shape. This layer thickness guarantees that equal numbers of electrons circulate in all layers. As shown by Lenz' law, a solenoid when pulsed produces an electrical current in the opposite direction that in turn creates bucking magnetic fields that repel each other. In the Roswell craft, the aliens use radio antennas on the hull to create a magnetic across the tiles that starts the electrons spinning in the opposite direction. This magnetic field repulsion is what generates lift. Tiles on the vertical stabilizers are similarly pulsed to steer the craft left and right.
                Notice that Arnold saw the spacecraft bobbing up and down, an indication that the tiles were being electromagnetically pulsed. If we used this method of lift and control, we could get rid of the wing and tail flaps which would make the wings more streamline and carry less weight, and be able to operate in space in order to r