Feb 12, 2014

The Dangerous Self-Love of Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly is an extremely dangerous individual and here is why.  

He acts as if he is trying to enlighten people with information, no spin and fair and balanced, as he often likes to say.  

It does not take long after listening to him to see his real views.

He is really not that skillful in cloaking his actual thoughts in trying to shout about how he was respectful to the President in his recent interview.  

Where he could give listeners information he uses those chances to create ill-will and a atmosphere of hate against our President.  

Just as an example--health care--now people actually have access to health care like all of the other advanced nations of our world--he says he wants health care but we certainly cannot give the credit to President Obama.  

He said one day the government just can't do it.  

But, in fact, our system for providing medical services to the citizens was in an expensive state of failure.  

While the ACA may not have all of the bugs ironed out it is certainly a step in the right direction.  

As his buddy Charles Krauthammer tried to say--we have the best health care system in the world--actually that is not true.  It would be interesting to see where he is getting his facts.

The right tries to always insist that we are the only great country and we have to be the best--our health care in the current state is not the best.  

We did not even have access for all of the citizens for preventative health care.  

Instead of giving information to those who may be unfamiliar with Barack Obama Mr. O'Reilly uses it as a means to instill fear.  

He is bogus, at best.

He is the fox news personification of Eddie Haskell.......an arrogant teenager.

Instead of giving facts and info as he claims he uses semi-facts to instill fear in the citizens of the United States who mistakenly think they are being enlightened.  Instead they are just being used for his sick agenda.

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