Feb 15, 2014

Sewing with Al Sharpton at 3PM and Blogging the Newsbusters

Sewing with Al Sharpton at 3PM and Blogging the Newsbusters.......it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

It took a lot of thinking to reply and thank you for your beautiful response.  Actually I did not watch Rev. Al Sharpton too often as it did not fit in my day schedule, but after Bill kept berating him I became more curious, even though I basically did enjoy Rev. Al and liked him.  

I also watch Chris Matthews each day on MSNBC so I changed my routine so I could see what was going on.  Well, as a dem I did like his show and then as time passed i noticed Reverend Al Sharpton was quite an inspirational and humble individual, as I just kept casually listening to his words.  

He has said he has made errors and he is sorry about that, he has said he likes to keep fighting for civil rights not just about race but about anyone that has been judged unfairly and he also used Gandhi and non-violence as a model.  

He is also quite inspirational talking about his diet and like me, he did not have a dad and he really enjoyed and valued the attention he received from James Brown.  

I do not know if you listen to the Jesus Christ Show but like that radio show on Sun mornings right before CBS Sunday Morning, Rev Al has offered me a certain peace--not just talking about politics but about life, in general.  

I do not think anyone could say he has not worked hard for civil rights--agree or disagree--and it is a wonderful thing to have the first African-American President in the White House.  I imagine he was very proud to go to the state dinner.  

On that idea, alone, regardless of political affiliation, can't Bill O'Reilly, Levin and others be happy for Reverend Al and other people that are simply so happy about President Obama.  

For Bill O'Reilly to constantly try to minimize the effects of past racism in America is just not right or realistic.  

Just in South Africa in recent times people have suffered.  

Not talking about politics, now, but shouldn't we acknowledge this injustice just as Jesus would have noticed these situations.  

So again, why does Bill constantly have to rant about his hatred of Reverend Al Sharpton and call him a thug.  It is hurtful to me.  

Again, Bill is acting like an arrogant teenager in the ilk of Eddie Haskell who cannot come to terms with life.  

This is where I am coming from........

and now I have Sewing with Al Sharpton at 3PM and 

the tea party with Chris Matthews at 4.  

Bill O at 5, finish with 

Piers Morgan at 6 and then the 

big dog walk at 7.........unless Ronnie starts bugging me earlier then everything gets all messed up.  

Yes, I do find the words of Al Sharpton to be soothing.   

I hope you respond      and thank you for your discussion.

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