Feb 21, 2014

Seriously, Geraldo Runs the Best Show on Radio, Even for a Republican

Can you believe it--he talks to Juan Williams, Bill O'Reilly, Rudy Giuliani.....speaks favorably of Bill Clinton

Mondays with the Commish--former New York top-cop Bernie Kerik, who is his friend.

All of the big talkers call in--agree or disagree--they say what they think.

Geraldo has the uncanny ability to listen to both sides--take it in--say his own opinion--without anger.

Really, very few national news/talk figures are in this category.

A little bit of an expert on this--listening to a lot of news/talk shows--they are almost always way to one side--way to one side with extreme hatred or disdain for any one who disagrees with the host.

.......they cut the people off--it's disgusting--Geraldo listens.......

Every week one of the big reporters call in and congratulate Geraldo on his hospital reporting work.  

I will be watching his new show on Fox--Scandalous--starts March 1.

The first show is on OJ--20 years later.  This should be a good show; Geraldo Rivera had one of the best OJ Simpson shows on CNBC back in the day.

Right, watching news and talk shows forever--like Piers (even though he is obviously trying to take over the world via CNN)  but will miss Larry forever.

CNN-threw off Larry and George Strombo--and they wonder why their ratings are sinking--CNN, find your head and put it on.

Do not do anything to Fred Whitfield and the legal boys, Barbara Star or Candy--or I will personally picket.....and write about it in my blog.

Geraldo Rivera Radio round-Up....every morning on WABC New York.....Yes--it's a good show.

Listening and watching on the Chromebook at 7AM in San Diego

copied from facebook:

Taping OJSimpson@20 special with victims attorney Gloria Allred who says their rights Sacrificed on altar of racial politics

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