Feb 15, 2014

Sambusa - from Saudi Arabia--bringing the world together with food and fabric

from the blogging site of the Ronnie Republic's Sewing Page:  The Sewing Herald Tribune

please contribute--promote your website, store, blog...anything talking about sewing and fabric......it's free...we are always trying to increase our circulation and sewing and food is my passion.

here is my e-mail.......e-mail me and I will post your passion, too.....I like to re blog from you-tube, as well.......we are open to suggestions.


here is a video from one of my best websites:  Cooking With Alia.....re-blogging it from you-tube.......

file under:  Bringing the world together with food and fabric.

Right, I really admire Alia...she is bringing the world together with food and fabric.

Thank you, Alia, for your hard work and showing us food of the world...I can't wait to make Sambusa...your friend from Saudi is a very good cook, too.  Thank you for letting us meet your friend and showing us the traditional foods of Saudi Arabia.

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