Feb 16, 2014

mother is bill o'reilly

"You're balling me out!"

That's what mother always says...

You're balling me out!

Mother shouts and then looks at me with the indignance of bill o'reilly.

Mother is bill o'reilly.

mother loves to make proclamations in an arrogant fashion.

What she says is true.

Its just when you're a kid it's hard to tell the difference of what is real and what isn't....particularly when someone is shouting what you perceive to be a fact at you....it's not until you are older and think about it that one may guess that tidbit you held onto forever may not be based on an actual truth.

You're too little--you don't have the where with all--you're hit with a blast--just trying to survive the blast not to decipher if the insult is true or false.

Back to balling out.....

I said, "People get angry when someone testifies in court against them for them to lose their children--on the side of the ex-husband, twice."

mother said she didn't do it.

I said, you did, I saw you there.

Mother said well, I really didn't say anything.

What's the point?..........

I get so angry with mother but she throws me out, or hangs up, or says real, real stupid things like...

Imagine, a daughter balling a mother out, why, I never would have balled my mother out.

She says with an unbelievable indignance. .....

okay...well, I'm just saying mother is frustrating....I'm really not a bad person.

but, most of all, thanks for reading.

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