Feb 11, 2014

Geraldo Rivera tries to talk to Eddie Haskell, I mean Bill O'Reilly

Watching Geraldo on the radio--streaming WABC.

Geraldo's caller Elanor makes a good point--Geraldo Radio, WABC this morning from New York.....

O'Reilly scrutinized President Obama and had a love fest with Ted Nugent, he did no push back at all.

Still talking about the interview of Fox News television host Bill O'Reilly with President Obama right before the Superbowl.

Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Host, WABC Radio Host and Fox News Lationo contributor guested on O'Reilly this past Frday evening to try an school the arrogant one on his misdeeds during the interview.

There was a disgusting element to it when Bill leaned in towards our President as if he was baiting him for back street brawl.

The President, as usual kept his cool and did not take the bait.

Simple Simon O'Reilly really thought he was going to show President Obama the tough questions the rest of the media refuse to ask Barack Obama.

Geraldo told Bill he was plain disrespectful.

A black caller said we have been here for over 200 years and only white people are in the presidential office......only white people and we are tired of it.

Eddie Haskell-esque Bill O'Reilly refused to understand--refuses to even try and understand he was not just offensive to President Obama but he is also poking a stick in the eye of every African-American, every person of color--every person that appreciates President Obama and the hard road he has traveled to become President.  It's fine to do a hard interview but Bill was disrespectful to the office.

Bill will not admit there are a great many people in America, like Geraldo's caller said that are simply finally represented.

There is a giant group of people in the United States that have never really had the focus on them and now they are.  These people are proud and happy.

Bill cannot understand this concept, Bill only sees old white rich men--Barack Obama is the President of every citizen of the United states.

Geraldo did a good job on Friday evening with O'Reilly--it should have been said.  As Elenor pointed out, fair and balanced does not come into play between O'Reilly, Ted Nugent and President Obama.

Geraldo says he is Puerto Rican and Jewish--I am not for open borders but I am a compassionate person and I want people to be treated fairly.

One day a New York teacher called in to say--in the 70's her Hispanic school children were so happy and proud to see Geraldo on the television and hear a name that sounded like theirs.

Geraldo is also for health care for everyone--is he the saving grace of Fox news, or what?

Bill O'Reilly runs round the country on his gig with Dennis Miller.  The tickets here in San Diego were about a hun for reg seats and 500 dollars for the meet and greet portion.  Bill always says I am the only one representing the folks of America--the average working folks.  I can't help but think--Bill are these your folks you're talking about--because this is certainly not a true representation of our country.

here is Geraldo and his mom copied from facebook.......

Photo: With Mama at Whispering Sands Florida! xxx

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