Feb 7, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Calls O'Reilly Out

Geraldo Rivera Calls O'Reilly Out

Grace being the operative word and Bill's lack there of.

and rightly so.......

Tonight on Bill O'Reilly's show, The Factor, on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera took Bill O'Reilly to task.

Talking about his recent interview with our President Barack Obama prior to the Superbowl.

Geraldo told Bill  "he is the President of the United States filling the shoes equal to Abraham Lincoln and you did not show him respect."  You have to show respect to the office and the person in it.

Geraldo accurately stated, his demeanor, the way he leaned forward, the way he called him a community organizer from Chicago was incorrect and offensive.

It was disgusting--Bill is almost always disrespectful--he has a history of calling his guests by their last names.

Bill did not even bother to mention the accomplishments of our President.  Now, everyone has the access to health care, like all of the other sophisticated countries of the world--that was a giant accomplishment, Bill, and many are very appreciative, including myself.

Our President stood up for women to Rush Limbaugh.  President Obama stood up for violence against children and people of color when he talked abut Trayvon Martin.

There was something very ugly about O'Reilly interviewing President Obama.  It was his whole stance and demeanor....the way he was leaning forward in his chair and also the questions he asked.

He is such a simple Simon...I could not believe he actually asked President Obama if the whole issue of race could just not be solved by education and parents staying in the home.

Bill is divorced and President Obama is not.  Why?

Bill is such a boob.  What woman would want to be married to an arrogant donkey doo-dad like that guy.  Women today do not have to put up with it because the women do have an education.  He was disrespectful to our President in a way that was almost sickening.

The man is too arrogant--someday a mistake in that direction may cause him his job.  President Obama deserves an award for taking the higher ground and putting up with people like that.

O'Reilly is so blind and full of himself he cannot even see the good things Barack Obama has accomplished.

Bill has to grow up and see a larger world.

I am embarrassed and angry by his interview attitude.

If one listens to Bill carefully it does not take long to see what he is about--he is not really that careful about cloaking his actual thoughts even though he thinks he is fooling everyone.  

President Obama is a very big man and Bill is small and unattractive.

President Obama is a man with grace, O'Reilly is not.

Good job, Geraldo, good job tonight and thank you for that.

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