Feb 20, 2014

Does Ann Coulter Know What She Believes?

Does Ann Coulter Know What She Believes?
Polemicist Ann Coulter, once a recognized icon of the conservative movement, and later, a gay icon, has puzzled many people in recent years. Eager to be seen as conservatism’s darling, a firebrand and flamethrower – indeed, a zealot in all things conservative – Coulter has been anything but conservative.
Though giving lip service to the pro-life movement, Coulter fails to seek or support pro-life candidates. Espousing family values, she became a national spokesman for gay conservatives. Claiming to be a Reagan conservative, Coulter claims Romney was a better candidate that Reagan. Now, Coulter is again attacking the Tea PartyCoulter wouldn’t know a RINO if she looked in the mirror.
If Coulter is such a firebrand conservative zealot, why does she fall in love with so many RINOs?
Perhaps the answer to Coulter’s conflicting views and behaviors lies within Coulter. Perhaps Coulter neither knows what she really believes nor believes what she thinks she knows.
For almost two decades, Coulter has lied, twisted the truth, defended her hypocrisy, refused to repent, and continually pushed the political and rhetorical edge. Without boundaries, and having forsaken the north star of truth, Coulter has simply gone over the edge.
If Coulter doesn’t know what to believe, and if she doesn’t believe what she claims to believe, why should be believe anything she says? We should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age.

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