Feb 3, 2014

Do you have your proper cup of tea: Jump on board the Caravan to Midnight

copied from Caravan to Midnight facebook........

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  2. May you all be blessed. Technical Difficulties. Your overwhelming response has crashed our very large server. We are bringing an additional server online at this moment.
    Please stand-by. A Thousand pardons and a Thousand thanks!
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  3. UPDATE: (*Please Re-Post) Sunday Feb 2, 2014 9:30am CST

    Happy Sunday to everybody!


    The new CTM show starts tomorrow!

    Sign-Up now and get on board!

    Seats are filling up fast but there is always room for more CTM Crewmembers!

    With literally hundreds of thousands of new CTM visitors and interested subscribers visiting the site- we are working 'round the clock!

    The CTM website is better, stronger, faster than ever before! We will still be making updates and improvements through the night! @ www.CaravanToMidnight.com in preperation for tomorrow's launch!

    Hope you enjoyed CTM Newsletter #1!

    Sign-up for Newsletter #2 by visiting:

    Thank you for ALL the love and all the wonderful support!

    And welcome aboard the new and improved Mothership that is -Caravan To Midnight - The John B Wells Program !!!

    See you tomorrow!

    Be well,
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