Feb 25, 2014

A Question for Sharon Waxman of The Wrap--Ralking about the Oscars

Google Hang-Out:  The Wrap and the Oscars

I just accidentally stumbled on your hang-out today but I liked it.

A good prep for watching the Oscars.

It was a little more realistic than some shows and the people seemed friendly--because things like the Oscars do border on the ridiculous for the average person but we still want to watch them.

Just wanted to ask one question.....why do you think Saving Mr. Banks was not noticed more, particularly since Philomena has received so much attention--they are kind of in the same category.

For me, that movie was very powerful as it touched on alcohol which has affected every inch of my family.

I loved Emma Thompson in the role of PL Travers.

I do not really look for your website since I mostly look for the news but it keeps coming up on my e-mail and I put your thing about Piers Morgan in my blog.

I would like to put your answer in my blog ...the ronnie republic.

Thank you for your time....chloe louise

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