Jan 14, 2014

politico, ailes, o'reilly, christie out--Hillary Clinton in the White House 2016

Please...O'Reilly and Ailes are exposed on this one...right, it's a scary thought but Piers Morgan already called it on his show last week when he noted the big "O" neglected to report on bridge-o-rama.  

Obviously, Christie is fox man for the position in the White House.  

As a dem, I liked Christie, too.  He was an exciting force on the political scene for 2016 but now that ship has sailed and the repubs will lose again. 

Between Bob Filner and Chris Christie my feelings have been hurt.  

It takes a woman to do the real big jobs and my girl Hillary will be ready to clean up the mess O'Reilly, Ailes and Christie left behind.  

Hillary Clinton--2016

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever

from politico

Bill O’Reilly comes to Chris Christie’s defense

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly defended Republican Gov. Chris Christie in the wake of his administration’s bridge scandal, saying the New Jersey governor should be believed and he is being made a target for 2016.
“He says he didn’t know about it, fair-minded people should believe him, until there’s evidence to the contrary,” O’Reilly said Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

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In a segment he called “The Politics of Destruction,” O’Reilly said the flap over the lane closures is a way for Democrats to paint Christie as a bully and take him down as the strongest threat to Hillary Clinton if both decide to run in 2016.
O’Reilly called the scandal “pretty bad” but supported Christie’s defense that he was unaware of the situation.
O’Reilly said that unlike earlier GOP presidential candidates — specifically, Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain of Arizona — Christie would have been aggressive enough to take on issues like Benghazi and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He added that Christie’s appeal also separates him from the potential 2016 pool, as well.
“The Democratic Party does not fear hard-right conservatives like Sen. [Ted] Cruz and Sen. [Rand]Paul. The left believes there are not enough committed conservative voters to elect those men,” O’Reilly said.
Although he said Cruz and Paul will be factors in the primaries, he maintained Christie is the top target of the Democrats.
“Christie is the biggest threat to the Democratic Party. We are seeing a personal campaign lodged against him that will not calm down any time soon,” O’Reilly said.
“They have got to destroy Christie before he can get to the primaries,” he added.

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