Jan 9, 2014

Piers Morgan Calls It: Ailes and O'Reilly Snuggling with Chrisite

Hillary Wins--Christie Loses

Well, Piers Morgan called it correctly last night on his CNN talk show--obviously Chris Christie is the Fox News man for the White House.

Oh, right, the no spin zone--apparently they forgot to mention the giant news story that headlined every other news channel out there--the traffic on the bridge possibly caused by Republican front runner Chris Christie.

Right, no spin--O'Reilly did not mention it.  In the "No Spin Zone"--who is this guy kidding.  Why does he bother to make that statement.  Perhaps, he did not see the giant story--the story that could affect who lands in the White House.  Apparently, now, by ignoring it, Fox News Channel's hopeful.

How can this omission not be spin, the truth as O'Reilly likes to remind us.  The truth as opposed to the lies on all the other stations.  We can only hear the truth on Fox and O'Reilly.

The giant ego of these people is the truth.

It was suspected on this blog when Bill o'Reilly did not go ballistic over Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty like all of the other ultra right wing types out there.  No, in a moment of fresh air Bill
said Phil Robertson was being far too judgemental in bashing gays and he should take a clue from Jesus.

Does that mean Jesus is for Chris Christie, too......

Hillary will prevail.  This is Christie's Benghazi.  He may win this round but my girl, Hillary Clinton will win in the end.

There is no other Republican that can win at this time.  The other whackadoodles out there can never win a big election.

The question remains..........

Will this be the signal for Jon Huntsman or Jeb Bush to jump  in the race.

It's been said the big backing money is behind Chris Christie.  Now the issue--will this change or stay the same.  Will the Republican big boys stays behind Christie or look for someone else to do their bidding.

Will we learn the truth by the signals from Mr. O'Reilly?

Does Mr. Bill know what is going on out there from the bolder and fresher gig around the country.  Will he talk to the regular "folks" out there.  The regulars who pay 500 bucks a pop to chat on the meet and greet edge of the tour.,

Remember what Bill says--he is the only one looking out for the regular folks out there.

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.

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