Jan 26, 2014

JFK: The Last Word On The Assassination Promo 2 - John Barbour Dick Russ...

published on Jan 19, 2014
Join Legendary Best Selling Authors Dick Russell Joan Mellen and Jim Marrs Jan. 31 7pm PST Live Streamed From The University Of Las Vegas http://www.unlvtv.edu/live.htm
Hosted by Two Time Emmy Winning Creator of "The Jim Garrison Tapes" John Barbour

For "JFK: The Last Word On The Assassination"...

Featuring new information, detailed narratives concerning Jim Garrison, the Kevin Costner character from the movie 'JFK' and the only man in real history to have brought charges to bring justice to the killers of John F. Kennedy. Shocking data from these four experts brought together for the first time ever.

Do not miss!!!
Jan. 31 2014 7pm PST http://www.unlvtv.edu/live.htm

Publicity Courtesy of the Starfire Wolflair with Carolyn Rose Goyda
Promotional Video By DanaWanaPskana

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