Jan 21, 2014

Hello Fashion Students: Susan Lazear Talks Courses in Fashion at San Diego Community College

Hello Fashion Students

Below is an update of course offerings:

We have added another section of Fash 105: Intro to Fashion. This will meet
on Tuesday/Thursday, 9:35 - 11:00. The CRN is 04459.
We might be adding a Saturday Sewing Construction class, but this is not
confirmed as of yet. Please keep your eye on the class schedule.

Fash 135: Tailoring has been cancelled.

Fash 156: International Field Studies still is not posted. We expect it any

The following classes still have open spaces:

FAsh 141, Pattern II  CRN 71444  Tuesdays, 6:00 – 9:10 p.m.  (an important
course for those interested in design for industry or for small business)

Fash 150, Advanced Design CRN 84248  W 6:00 PM-09:05 PM  (an important
course for design majors).

Fash 162, CRN 93455 Millinery: Blocking  W    04:00 PM-05:50 PM (one unite
course, for the first eight weeks)

Fash 176, Computer Fashion Design: Illustrator  CRN 93404  TTH  09:35
AM-12:05 PM  (don't let the Honors scare you) This course is important for
anyone wanting to design and work in the fashion industry. It is only
offered in Spring semesters.

Fash 178, Computer Portfolio and Publishing, CRN 93398  MW  09:35 AM-12:05
PM (don't let the Honors scare you). This is required for all Merchandising
majors and is only offered in Spring).

See you all next week!

Susan Lazear

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