Jan 8, 2014

Good Job Geraldo Rivera and WABC New York--Conservative Talk Radio Without Hate

The Show is good--it's plain talk--the people call in and say what they think.

The folks of New York love to call in and talk to Geraldo and that is all there is.  He listens, lets them talk and then he says his opinion, also.

The listener gets to hear the vibe of the citizens of New York, or the folks of the US, we get to hear what Geraldo thinks about the issues and we get to hear Juan Williams, Bo Dietl, Ann Coulter--it's a good show.

One needs diversion to complete housework........

It is interesting conversation--I can listen and do the dishes.

What is going on in America--tune in to WABC-New York and I know what is happening this morning on the news.

The big headline--no one is shouting and we get to hear both sides of the issue.

Really, this is the best news-talk show on radio today--both sides, divergent views without anger--it works for me.

Geraldo said today he thinks the traffic hold-up issue of Chris Christie--reportedly blocking traffic on a busy New York bridge in retaliation for not supporting him for re-election will be a major game-changer for the Christie election.

He thinks this could effectively end his bid for presidency.

Juan Williams joined in to say it goes against his policy of being on the straight and narrow regardless of party.  

Geraldo Rivera recently changed his format, this past Monday, to a more local type show with video.  One can watch him in his office and soon they may be dashing around town.  The first day the video was a little sporadic but now it seems to work just fine.  

here is a link to the show:


here we go with their facebook:

Tune into the Geraldo Riverashow on on 77 WABC or watch Geraldo online on to hear these guests and more!
- Former Mayor David Dinkins,
- Frederick Dicker, State Editor of the NY Post
- Ann Coulter
- Andrea Miller, President of NARAL Pro-Choice NY
- Assemblyman Gottfried
- Call in at 1-866-GERALDO

I click on video instead of listening live........

Thanks Geraldo and good job--you let the guests talk and you talk too without blowing up.

This is a conservative station and it is not hate radio.

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