Jan 13, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up: Mondays With The Commish Jan 13 2013

Watching Geraldo Rivera on the Radio--who knew.

That is his new gig on WABC Radio in New York.

Actually is is new and old--he has been on the radio but now he is local and he has live video streaming.

The thing about Geraldo--Those New Yorkers love to call in and chat as if he is their pal.  Everyone says all sides of the issue--from the callers to the big politicians we get to hear everything.

Geraldo keeps his cool.

Mondays we always have his friend former police commisioner, Bernard Kerik--he has a good insight on things--particualrly the actions of police officers.

Tomorrow:  A-Rod attorney Joe Tacopina.

here is a link to the page with today's podcast:


here is a story from the New York Daily News about Bernard Kerik and his take on Joe Tac:


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