Jan 14, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Lays Out Bernie Kerik Lawyer Joe Tacopina: Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up Jan 14 2014

Detective Bernard Kerik
Detective Bernard Kerik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Geraldo Rivera Lays Out Bernie Kerik Lawyer Joe Tacopina

Right, and the headline reads:

And Keeps His Cool........

Well, Geraldo often says Bernard Kerik, former NYPD big man is his friend, in fact, he has him on his show each Monday for a very interesting take on police and New York City current events.

Well, this morning on Geraldo Radio, WABC New York, Geraldo just could not resist asking Joe Tac about his poor representation of Bernie during his recent big trial in NYC resulting in a sentence.

Obviously, Geraldo was offended by Joe's treatment of his friend--he was scheduled to talk about his client A-Rod.

Geraldo nailed him down fast and Joe Tac did the sidestep dance.

Joe Tacopina would not really answer the questions on Bernard Kerik--he did go on very well about A-Rod as touted.

Geraldo Rivera reminded Mr. Joe T. that he was influential in his career during the OJ Simpson period when Geraldo had his very successful CNBC show featuring the trial of OJ Simpson and very well-spoken attorneys from the area.

I well remember that show--It was one of the best OJ shows on television.

Good job, Geraldo and Noam for creating a heated--lively discussion without losing your cool.  It's a good story and it would be so fun to see this continuing saga.

Now we have Alan Dershowitz and Ann Coulter......regular Tuesday guests.

Will Alan discuss the legacy of Ariel Sharon......

Alan says Chris Christie is a classic case of willful blindness--"You mess with Christie and this is what you get."

Ann does not care for Christie as she feels he screwed up on amnesty but does not feel bridge-o-rama has anything to do with politics.

Alan Dershowitz--agree or disagree--is always an amazing guest.

Alan is sad about the whole thing because he liked Gov Christie--Christie and Bob Filner hurt my feelings too

Dershowitz said Christie's actions were reckless, thoughtless and stupid and it is completely inappropriate in the oval office.

Ann very shrilly stated it does not make sense to say it was politically motivated.  Geraldo very softly lays out Ann, too.  "In your view as long as your against undocumented illegal immigrants you're okay."

Alan says illegals have contributed to our society not to mention fleeing the holocaust.

Thank you, Alan, for your insightful statements.

Good show, Geraldo

here is Dan on Ann...Dan Borchers writes about Ann Coulter on www.CoulterWatch.com:


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