Jan 29, 2014

Geraldo Radio Today: Ari Fleischer says Rand Paul is a waste of time

Ari Fleischer, former press sec to President Bush.

On Geraldo Radio today, WABC New York--right off the bat Geraldo asked his guest Ari Fleischer what he thought of the words of Rand Paul giving his thoughts on the state of the Union by President Obama and taking the opportunity to bash President Clinton.

Ari said, "Bringing up President Clinton and his indiscretions is a waste of time.  Our country already went through that.  That kind of talk does not do anything for the progress of the republican party or win elections."

Those were refreshing words, repub or dem, hate talk does not solve problems.  What in the world was the purpose of those ideas of Rand Paul other than to be self serving.

Ari, who is your idea for the republican candidate.  

Good job, Ari, and thank you for telling us your thoughts today.

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