Jan 18, 2014

Finding Bill O'Reilly: He has a problem with strong black men

Right, trying to be respectful of Mr. O'Reilly, but asking if would not mind being respectful of us.

Well, yesterday I had the time of my life interviewing N'DIGO's Hermene Hartman.  Asking her for an interview after her appearance on The Factor this week--so honored and so proud--this bloggers dream come true.

Bill was outraged about Reverend Jeremiah Wright joining the teacher's union in Chicago to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

It seemed confusing to me right off the bat because the teachers in the picture looked very happy to be with Reverend Wright but just like the memorial for Nelson Mandela, Bill could not resist raining on their parade.

Ms. Hartman was invited on the show to talk about the comments of Reverend Wright and his statements about President Obama.

Dream and Drone........

Reverend Wright mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream and President Obama had a drone and Bill fell to pieces over this.

Ms. Hartman went on to explain it was two different situations that were entirely opposite--two different careers with unequal goals.

But Mr. O'Reilly would not listen........

Yes, I do have a dog in the fight because I had the opportunity of speaking with Hermene Hartman.  She took time to tell me her thoughts.  She explained that she did indeed support both figures and gave examples of the government acting in ways that have hurt people yet we do have the opportunity to speak out.  Like Jesus or Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr we are speaking out, changing laws and making the living situation better for everyone.  We do have a great country.

Bill O'Reilly would not let her thoughts be heard--In fact, after watching the interview 2 times I felt as if he was acting smart and arrogant towards Ms. Hartman.

The Ronnie Republic wonders if Bill O'Reilly has an agenda?

Why does he say "no spin" endlessly and then spin--isn't that what he is doing by cutting her off.

If he agreed or disagreed with Ms. Hartman she certainly had good, interesting and thought provoking facts about the subject.

Hermene Hartman is certainly credentialed on the subject of Reverend Wright--she has worked on the Chicago newspaper for 25 years and actually knows Jeremiah Wright.  Bill has been invited to the church but has not visited.

It seems like if Bill wanted the truth and the facts as he insists every single day he would have tried to listen and understand the concept of her statements.

Instead it was as if he was trying not to understand her words--as he was smirking....

Bill, you were out of line.  Ms. Hartman did tell me it is politics and entertainment.  She is a wise woman.

Bill was a wise horses backside.  Just guessing......would this be something his "folks" think funny--one-up-man-ship.

Perhaps his mom should give him a discipline for trying to act smart at an others expense.

To this blogging person Ms. Hartman hit the nail on the head when she said I think he has a problem with strong black men......I couldn't resist asking her opinion on his unending angry rant on Reverend Al Sharpton.

The confusion persists..........

Noticing he was very compassionate towards Tia and Tamera Mowry after they told of receiving hate mail in regards to Tamera's interracial marriage with Fox News Reporter Hausley.

My take on the incident:  Bil wants to be respected so bad but he is not really respectful of others.  He was so afraid Sarah Palin was going to make a speech on his show he was reluctant to have her on but finally gave in--I am guessing for the success of his show.

Why does he invite someone on the show and then talk over them......

In fact, it would have been nice if he let Ms. Hartman talk but since he invited her on his show one must wonder if he used her as a back drop for his own speech and plan.  Is he afraid he may eventually understand her point.

Reminiscent of a child with their hands over their ears refusing to take in the information.

Perhaps Bill can come to terms with our society as a whole.  Is Bill a simpleton?  Is Bill intimidated by strong women?

Your thoughts.......

here is a link to a story from christianpost.com about Tia and Tamera on the subject:


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