Jan 14, 2014

cash in the canyon: south park san diego residents voice opposition to condo uprising

from the ronnie republic:

cash in the canyon:  south park San Diego residents voice opposition to condo uprising

"Well, it's going to ruin the green space between Fir and Elm streets at the Grape Street Dog Park edge of the canyon running behind the houses on Granada in the South Park area of San Diego,"  sadly told by the neighbor putting up the flyers.

It does seem like the proposed condo complex, 5 residences, will be located right in the middle of the Balboa Park Trail that runs along the canyon from 28th street and adjacent to the dog park.

It's a beautiful area--there are walkers and dogs all day long using that path.  Yes, I know well because it goes right behind my house and they are an easy view from my patio and kitchen.

This is basically the woods right in the middle of the city.

It is quite lovely.  The residents must be in a surprised state to think houses and cars and a new road will be there instead of their sunset seen through the Eucalyptus grove.

Not to mention......red tail hawks, Barn owls and their children, coyotes, possums, squirrels, raccoons...you get the picture.

Everyone should see the Grape Street dog park and this Balboa Trail--it goes up and down the canyon on log steps, continuing past the dog park north, through the golf course, old oak groves and up the hill to the other portion of 28th street near Morley Field and Bird Park--it's all free including the vintage house tour.

Some of these long time neighbors of Golden Hills are up in arms--they are protective of their vintage digs.

grape street dog park 043

This is basically where the houses will be.  This is a picture of the Balboa Park Trail running along Granada on the edge of the dog park.

Who to call...what to do.....

according to the poster and the neighbors who will be affected the city will be advised by the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee.......

Patrick Hooper, City Project Manager

Ruchell Alvarez, Chair of the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee

Project Number:  335589

Project Name:  Fir Street SDP and Public Row Vac

update 1-18-14:

according to a neighbor very affected by the planned condo development....there will be a road on the hill up to and edging the dog park.  Will the road be in the path of the Balboa Park Trail?  He said he had seen the plans and they are quite unnatural.

Personally, I am worried about the baby barn owls.  They have children every year, around May, in this Eucalyptus Grove.

I do not have knowledge of the plan or any info other than chatting with the neighbors as I go to the dog park each day.

I did try to contact the above committee chair, Alvarez and Hooper.  Alvarez replied by e-mail that he did not have any comment at this time.

Please feel free to post your thoughts--agree or disagree--as that is part of the story and community information.

One of the very concerned residents felt like it would be a good idea for everyone to send e-mails to the above address.

South Park is located within the Golden Hills area of San Diego.  It is one of the oldest neighborhoods and it borders Balboa Park.

Here is a link to my story on the dog park showing the beauty of the area:



here is a story about the baby owls of the grape street dog park:


some of the neighbors started a campaign on facebook called:  Protect the 28th street canyon coalition.....here is a link to that page:


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  1. This is horrific.How could they even think about using this space for a condo project?! Whoever greenlit this should be drawn and quartered.