Jan 3, 2014

Ann Coulter and Free Speech

In a startling New Year’s Eve diatribe – demurely titled “The Anus Monologues” – Ann Coulter defended free speech by calling for the execution of those who disagree with her.
In the middle of her essay condemning liberal activists and the liberal media, Coulter tried to seize the moral high ground, going badly off track in the process. Coulter writes, “free speech existed even before we had a Constitution.” Actually, free speech wasn’t recognized and protected as a “right” until the Constitution (or, to be more precise, the Bill of Rights).
Further, Coulter conflates “shock troops of liberal agitators” with “government censoring speech.” Belaboring the point that “A&E is not the government,” Coulter misses the point that A&E is not the government. A&E can do what it wants. The free market (not the government) should decide its fate. Regarding censorship, the First Amendment really does only apply to the government (“Congress shall make no law …”), notwithstanding Coulter’s protestations.
But, in the name of free speech, Coulter wants to prohibit some people “from ever talking in public again.” Moreover, she concludes her essay advocating execution of the liberal press: “Cliché-spouting hack TV pundits: I recommend capital punishment.” (See The Gospel According to Ann Coulter for her extensive use of elimination rhetoric.)
Lauding conservatism and Scripture, Coulter denies both in practice and in temperament. Coulter’s hypocrisy and double standards are as self-evident as the nation’s founding principles that she cites.
Conservatives believe in free speech for conservatives and for liberals, for Christians and for non-Christians. The Constitution applies to all. Unlike Coulter, conservatives and Christians actually believe the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal” in the image of God, and, thus, all should be accorded due respect.
People are free to believe, or not believe, as they like. Jesus was about persuasion, not coercion.
Instead of vilifying “shock troops of liberal agitators,” conservatives and Christians would counter them with truth and grace, which is exactly why Robertson was so quickly restored by A&E.
Coulter champions the values of Duck Dynasty, but she fails miserably at living those values.

from Daniel Borchers

here is a link to Dan's website: CoulterWatch

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