Jan 10, 2014

Angry granny or big politicians--everyone is chatting with Geraldo

Watching Geraldo Rivera on the Radio--The Callers Love Geraldo

The people love Geraldo........

Listening to the radio all day....most of the day or watching the news.

Right, one must have distraction to do the dishes.

Never heard anything like it....is this just Geraldo or is it New York?

San Diego girl forever--we do not have this on our talk radio in SD.

The callers tell Geraldo what is on their mind....with gusto.

They have an enthusiasm....well, it is not on any other channel or radio station.

Geraldo can take it..........

Somehow, Geraldo can let the people get it off their chest....they're happy, he's happy and that's it!

There is no anger or resentment carried over.  Geraldo is not a mad man.....I guess he can take a disagreement without feeling personally offended.

Everyone talks to Geraldo.......

Some are very frustrated about the bridge--not hearing that degree of annoyance from the actual citizens who drive the thing every day on other outlets.  Geraldo says he spends 26 dollars a day just to cross it twice.  Our Coronado Bridge is free.  It must be very expensive to live in New York.

It was Howard Kurtz.....he said he really likes Fox and CNN, but Fox is smaller and he gets to do what he wants.

We got to hear the take of Alan Dershowitz on bridge-o-rama--another shoe may drop.

Ari Fleischer gave his input on the Robert Gates revs--no, he would not have talked.

Haley Barbour in full support of Chris Christie......

And the streaming was perfect on my chromebook--the streaming has improved every day.

Angry granny or big politicians--everyone is chatting with Geraldo.

So just click on Geraldo at the top of the page and then video streaming.......WABC New York

chromebook--just put in W and the whole thing comes up---if you go there everyday.

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