Jan 4, 2014

2009 FRAMAT Talks Elvis and Jagger and Surviving Rock and Roll


2009 FRAMAT Talks Elvis and Jagger and Surviving Rock and Roll

Hard to compare:
Elvis was the first "official" Rock&Roller who recorded BEFORE C.Berry,Bo Diddley,Carl Perkins (all influenced the Stones or the Beatles) and a solo act. Fats Domino & Little Richard recorded before Elvis but they were black & the music was called R&B then. 

And although Little Richard recorded in 1951 it was very different in style (Jump blues) from his legendary influental Specialty records like Tutti Frutti, Lucille etc.

Fats Domino got his name because he used to play Fats Waller Songs (a jazz pianist&vocalist from the late 20's - early 40's).

Maybe the only one who before Elvis was Bill Haley & his Comets. Unlike Elvis Haley was really a Combo act which featured especially the saxophonist & guitarists much more than Elvis' musicians. Some of them even split from Haley and went as JODIMARS solo.

Jagger was part of the Stones and in the beginning not even bandleader. Stones hit the scene when the Beatlemania already begun. Stones were the antithesis to the Beatles. Elvis was the antithesis to Sinatra who made completely different music where Stones & Beatles shared similar roots.

Colonel parker did not want to be an artist. I am no expert but Oldham wanted to be I guess (from what I read).

Everything what sold well was ok with Parker. Did not tell elvis what to do musically or artistically because he had no ambitions. He did what Elvis wanted to do: He got him to Hollywood. The negative aspect was he did not care about the material because he had no artistical ambitions. He cut off for instance the work with Leiber-Stoller because they made their own publishing & did not publish for Elvis

Thank you 2009 FRAMAT for telling us this important history about Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones.

here is a link to the channel of FRAMAT 2009 on you-tube:

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