Jan 31, 2014

Daniel Borchers: Ann Coulter Still Cannot be Trusted!

Ann Coulter Signs Book for me
Ann Coulter Signs Book for me 
Ann Coulter 2005
Ann Coulter in The Ronnie Republic

Yesterday, Ann Coulter betrayed yet another friend, this time leaking an embargoed report given to her by “someone.” Coulter is a repeat offender. In 1997, Coulter devastated the life of Paula Jones and her family when she leaked attorney-client privileged information against the best interest of her client.

Details of Coulter’s treachery are available in the free book, Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, at www.coulterwatch.com/vanity.pdf.

Additional reasons for never trusting Coulter are provided in the free book, Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at www.coulterwatch.com/never.pdf.

Photo: Yesterday, Ann Coulter betrayed yet another friend, this time leaking an embargoed report given to her by “someone.” Coulter is a repeat offender. In 1997, Coulter devastated the life of Paula Jones and her family when she leaked attorney-client privileged information against the best interest of her client. 

Details of Coulter’s treachery are available in the free book, Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, at www.coulterwatch.com/vanity.pdf.

Additional reasons for never trusting Coulter are provided in the free book, Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at www.coulterwatch.com/never.pdf.

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Thibeault's Table: Just about my favorite blog of all time

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Ann Coulter Betrays Another Friend

In this week’s column, Coulter provides telling information for the immigration debate. But, in the process, she drew heavily from an Eagle Forum report which has yet to be released to the press. That report was embargoed, meaning the media was prohibited from using it until it is released by the source.
Coulter admits her wrongdoing even as she does it – and she defends it by claiming she knows best. In her opening paragraph, Coulter calls it a “stunning report” and admits it “is still embargoed.” She justifies breaking their story by claiming, in her infinite wisdom, that “it’s too important to wait!”
This is not the first time Coulter has engaged in unethical behavior. In 1997, she leaked attorney-client privileged material to betray her client to the detriment of her client (see Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory). This is typical of her behavior throughout her media career (see Never Trust Ann Coulter - at ANY Age).
It would behoove whoever “slipped” Coulter a copy of the report to question Coulter’s integrity and reconsider whether she can be trusted. Coulter cannot be trusted.

from Daniel Borchers

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Jan 30, 2014

Prisme à travers prisme de la Constitution

Prisme à travers prisme de la Constitution
Comme un conservateur pro - défense , j'ai mes doutes sérieux quant à la légitimité de Prisme de la NSA et de programmes connexes qui rassemblent une quantité massive d'informations privées sur tous les Américains et clairement ( à mon avis ) viole la Constitution .
On nous dit qu'il n'y a pas eu d' abus signalés de ces programmes . Qui savoir si elles ont été la cible illégalement ? Il s'agit d'un programme secret, après tout . Si Snowden n'avait pas divulgué certaines informations , il a obtenu de manière frauduleuse , nous aurions à ce jour n'ont aucune connaissance de ses crimes .
La Constitution et la Déclaration des droits ont été expressément conçus pour limiter et de diffuser le pouvoir du gouvernement fédéral par l'entremise des pouvoirs énumérés , divers freins et contrepoids , et clairement définis protection des droits civils pour les citoyens .
L'argument selon lequel le gouvernement devrait intercepter et maintenir les communications téléphoniques et électroniques sur tous les Américains parce que les compagnies de téléphone et les fournisseurs de services Internet possèdent déjà cette information est grotesque . Il fait partie du travail de ces entreprises à maintenir certains documents pour leurs clients , comme requis par la loi .
Dominé dans tous les dissimuler sur cette question cruciale de la vie privée est que le secteur privé ne possède pas le pouvoir coercitif de l'État. En outre , ces entreprises agissent effectivement comme un tampon entre les individus et le gouvernement .
Une raison principale pour exiger du gouvernement de délivrer des mandats individu ( et non couverture ) dans des cas précis est de garder le gouvernement d'abuser de son pouvoir . C'est la principale préoccupation rédacteurs et il devrait nous être ainsi .

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Chicago State University is the best place for President Obama's library

Chicago State University
Chicago State University Campus is the right place for The Obama Library.
Chicago State is the Right Place for President Obama's Library
The Presidential Library is definitely coming to Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a unified effort instead of scattered sources going after it and we miss it. Other cities vying are Hawaii and New York. The President loves Hawaii, it is where he spent his childhood years and he lived in New York as an undergraduate. These are all the right places for sentimental reasons. The University of Illinois is in the running simply because they are on the map. They will be considered only because they are in Chicago. The Mayor is absolutely correct in insisting on a unified effort. Certainly he will be an important factor in the money raise.
Chicago is the right place
Chicago is the place for the library without doubt. It is politically logical. This is where Barack Obama took political root. The South Side of Chicago is home for First Lady , Michelle, and this is where he is registered to vote. Chicago is home. End of story. Now, where should the library locate? Being considered is the old Michael Reese Hospital land on 31st Street. The land is vacant, clear and ready for construction. However, it would be a very expensive proposition. So I say no.
The University of Chicago is a good choice. It is where President and the First Lady had professional careers. The President taught Constitution Law at the University. Michelle worked at the Hospital, best friends Eric Whitaker has held executive position. Good friends, Valerie Jarrett and John Rogers have been board members. And the Obama girls attended Lab School. Political guru, David Axelrod, is now a faculty member. Good connections. And of course, The University of Chicago, has all the means in the world to raise the necessary funds to make it happen. With all of this said, it is not the best place for the library.
I hope Chicago State University receives the Obama Library. Here’s why. First of all this is the community where Obama was a “community organizer.” I think he is the only president who rose to the presidency tracked from the community. This location would give rise to the University status and stature on the world stage. The community that Obama worked for would positively change and benefit. The library could be an economic engine for the South Side where he worked as a community organizer and served as a State Senator. Secondly, the University established a library of Black State Legislators and the President should be added to the legacy with his presidential papers. Thirdly, The Obama Library, would be the first ever to be located on a Black University campus. The institution would strengthen and young people of Chicago would be inspired. The placement of the library on this site would be historical and inspirational. This is the hallmark of his two term presidency. What better legacy?
Politics will come in to play
The politics of the situation are clear. Marty Nesbitt, one of the President's best friends will chair the charge. Former Mayor Richard Daley would be a great addition to the library team. This will come down with Mayor Emanuel pulling for The University of Chicago and former President of the State Senate, Emile Jones, pushing for Chicago State. Both strong voices will be heard. There would be no President Obama had it not been for the initial political skill of Senator Jones. Much will be said about the University of Chicago’s capital raise versus Chicago State University. But raising money is easily negotiated. After all the President’s library is the President’s Library.
It would be so nice to see a unified effort behind Chicago State University.
Where do you think the President’s library should be?
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PRISM Through Prism of Constitution

As a pro-defense conservative, I have my serious doubts about the legitimacy of NSA’s PRISM and related programs which gather a massive amount of private information on all Americans and clearly (in my view) violates the Constitution.
We are told that there have been no reported abuses of these programs. Who would know whether they have been illegally targeted? It’s a secret program, after all. If Snowden had not leaked some of the information he fraudulently obtained, we would to this day have no knowledge of his crimes.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights were expressly designed to limit and diffuse the power of the federal government through enumerated powers, various checks and balances, and clearly defined civil rights protections for the citizenry.
The argument that the government should intercept and maintain telephone and email communications on all Americans because telephone companies and Internet providers already possess that information is farcical. It is part of the job of those companies to maintain certain records for their customers, as required by law.
Overlooked in all the dissembling on this critical privacy issue is that the private sector does not possess the coercive power of government. Moreover, those businesses actually act as a buffer between individuals and the government.
One primary reason for requiring the government to issue individual (and not blanket) warrants in specific instances is to keep the government from abusing its power. That was the Framers primary concern and it should be ours as well.

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President Obama: Are you ready for O'Reilly

Good job--that is O'Reilly's and Hannity's favorite game--why won't you just answer the question when the premise of the question is ridiculous.  I am guessing President Obama may be on to this since he is the President and pretty good with words himself.  The other false premise...the folks.  Remember, this is from someone who just discovered Pandora......Bill often says he is the only one looking out for the folks.  Bill fails to take into consideration the folks elected President Obama twice.  Could Bill's folks actually be the 500 dollar ticket payers for the meet and greet portion of his bolder and fresher gig, as it was here in San Diego.  The regular tickets were about 100 dollars.  I am afraid Bill may live in a slightly smaller world mentally than President Obama but he certainly does not want anyone to tell him that.

Dear President Obama: How to Survive a Bill O’Reilly Interview

Dear President Obama: How to Survive
Dear President Obama:
You might not realize this, but ever since it was announced that Bill O’Reilly would interview you again on Super Bowl Sunday, he’s been strategizing – sometimes on air – about how best to conduct the conversation.
And while I suspect you have handlers who are charged with preparing you for these bouts, most of them probably aren’t as familiar with the tale of the tape on an unpredictable foe like O’Reilly as I am.
For starters, while this might be just another interview for you, it’s a major event for Bill, especially since this might be his last crack at you during your presidency, and almost certainly his last exposure on this sort of vast stage for several years.
Moreover, O’Reilly will relive this moment by chewing over, analyzing and running clips for days to come. (Just to make sure the reviews are good, he’ll enlist sycophants like Bernard Goldberg and Dennis Miller to reassure him how great he was.)
O’Reilly not only does this sort of thing every day, but he takes pride in presenting himself as the kind of hard-nosed reporter and surrogate for “the folks” who won’t give you a pass, unlike all those mainstream news outlets. And because he does have a way of interrupting and saying unexpected things, he can easily put even a skilled communicator off his game.
So if you want to survive an O’Reilly interview without him laying a glove on you — from the president on down to an ordinary guest — here are some steps to follow:
Flatter him. (Key phrase: “I respect what you do.”) Like a lot of news talent, O’Reilly has a healthy ego. He’s just a bigger, more exaggerated version – Papa Bear, as Stephen Colbert puts it. Getting an “atta boy” from the President of the United States can’t help but turn his head a little, even if many of his viewers see you as a socialist who is secretly trying to destroy America.
Establish rank early. (Key phrase: “Please let me finish my thought.” Repeat if necessary.) OK, this one obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. O’Reilly does a nice job keeping guests off balance by interrupting them. You’ll have to remind him – a few times, probably – that you are the President of the United States, not some professor from a liberal-arts college he booked as a straw man to slap around.
Don’t accept the way he frames issues. (Key phrase: “The premise of your question is flawed.”) O’Reilly has a way of presenting things as if they were conventional wisdom – like the fact he speaks for “the folks” – when they’re often open to debate. Knock him off stride by reframing the conversation, then asking him to defend a line of attack meant to put and keep you on the ropes.
Find common ground. (Key phrase: “You have critics, Bill. Is everything they say about you true?”) O’Reilly is terribly sensitive to criticism, which is why raising the issue of critics will put him on his heels. Bill can’t stand the fact some guy at Mediamatters.org sends out emails detailing his excesses; imagine how he’d feel if the entire Republican Party and 30 think tanks were devoted to it.
Do not joke with him. This is very important. Bill O’Reilly thinks he can be funny, but he has very little sense of humor when it comes to himself. So as much as you might see an opportunity to share a laugh, odds are he’ll see that as obfuscation or a stalling tactic. If you’re going to try to tell a joke or lighten things up, save it for the very end.
Do not lump him in with Fox News. Although he has spent 17 years living adjacent to Sean Hannity, O’Reilly considers himself a very different animal from that sort of raw partisanship. On Wednesday, for example, he endorsed President Obama’s push to increase the minimum wage — and chided Republicans for not getting behind the idea.
So if you say anything about Fox News – and he’s likely to ask, given how indignant the network was about comments pertaining to the network in your recent New Yorker interview – be clear that you are referring to the most ardent partisan voices on Fox, not him.
About that “last word” he’ll promise you… While Bill might say, “I’ll give you the last word,” trust me, you will not get the last word.
Bottom line: His show; his rules. And incidentally, if members of your staff didn’t come up with a list like this, then they’re not looking out for you.
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Freighter Travel: Cheaper and Longer


Travel the World on Cargo Cruises

Freighter ships offer passengers stops at unusual ports, plenty of quiet time and an unusual way to travel

Jan. 30, 2014 10:55 a.m. ET
SHIP TO SHORE | A view from the RMS St Helena, which travels between Cape Town, St. Helena and Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Alamy
WHEN THE CARGO liner CMA CGM Figaro comes into New York Bay, she does so with shipping containers stacked high on her deck, like enormous Lego bricks. From shore, one can only guess at what she's carrying. Electronics from Yokohama? Maybe. Clothing from Hong Kong? Possibly. A swimming pool and a few paying passengers? Very likely.
The pool is pretty much where the similarities with a traditional cruise begin and end. A mega-liner like Royal Caribbean's RCL +2.49% Oasis of the Seas can carry more than 6,000 passengers; most freighters (if they take guests) top out at about 12. There is no rock wall. No spa. Cabins, though they tend to be spacious, are utilitarian (imagine yourself on the SS IKEA). Instead of a dozen restaurants operating around the clock, cargo ships have officers' dining rooms that serve meals at appointed times.
For some, the appeal of freighter travel is the prospect for a "Fantastic Voyage"-like journey through the arteries of global commerce. Others like the idea of seeing little-known destinations, like Pago Pago in American Samoa, or relish the opportunity to read and write in near isolation. (Internet connectivity, via satellite, is limited at best.) And unlike with a traditional cruise, it is often possible to arrange passage over just a segment of a ship's route—for instance, if you wanted to get to Europe without flying.
Even the shortest leg, however, requires both time and flexibility. A 20-day voyage might come in at 19 or 22, as commerce and weather dictate. Rates start at about $130 a day. Working with a specialist travel agent is not just advised, it's pretty much mandatory.
Cargo ships travel the world without consideration of tourist season or how sandy nearby beaches are; if there is a deep port there is probably a ship to get you there. Click the mapto view a few of the more compelling trips available.
Illustration by Michael Byers for The Wall Street Journal