Dec 28, 2013

How to Make a Caftan

Bill O'Reilly Jumping on That Speeding Freight Train Named Chris Christie

I used to watch Howie regularly on CNN--never wanted to miss the show--and now it is sad to me to see him forced into agreeing with you know who, Bill O'Reilly.  Once in a great while it seems like he is sharing his opinion of what is happening on the news but more often than not Mr. O bullies him down.  He is almost forced to repeat Bill's thoughts and then smile about it.  I don't want Howie just agreeing all the time.

Has anyone else thought Bill O'Reilly is changing to meet Chris Christie somewhere in the middle.

He suggested Phil Robertson was too judgemental in the recent DD fiasco.

Is Bill trying to distance himself from the whackadoodles for survival.

Do you think he gets tips running around on the bolder and fresher tour from the big money "folks" he is looking out for--he is the only one doing that.  500 big one for the meet and greet here in San Diego.
Is he worried about his own survival, the show's survival, his position in the republican party and the survival of the republican party.

Is this due to the fact that the big money folks are indicating they are ready to get behind Chris Christie--the only sane repub ready to hit a grand slam for the party in the big election coming up.

Just an idea but I do not think the tea party can survive the big one and it seems like Mr. O does have that political foresight.

Will he do anything to have the gov, Christie on his show and to share his attention?

He was quiet in order to have Sarah Palin on the show.

Unless Jeb Bush jumps in to save the country from us dems.

Well, what do you think?

Here is Erik Wemple talking about Howie in the Washington Post:

Ed Rendell is Writing Me Letters

I love this letter from Ed because it is simple and it explains things well.   

I like to watch him on MSNBC.  He has a good ability to connect with the regular working citizen.  I think it might be just the natural way he talks and sounds, he seems very friendly.  

Why not take time to explain some other things about the tea party....... 

For instance, I would say they probably could not win a presidential election but talk about how they are dangerous.  

I just do not understand their very judgemental religious ideas--do they really think they could win over the country--as in the voters.  

Love to hear what you have to say--what should we know as dems.

Good job, Ed

Thank you for your time,

cl--the ronnie republic



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