Dec 21, 2013

Roger Stone: The New Darling of the JFK Set

Is there anyone more photogenic than Roger Stone in the JFK community today.

Just a little pictorial from Roger Stone's facebook page.

Photo: A vintage Panama Optimo

Roger--love the bow-tie.

Here is Roger in his E Howard Hunt phase:



"The Man Who Killed Kennedy- the Case Against LBJ" is the 

#1 AMAZON BEST SELLER in> Politics & Social Sciences > Politics & Government

copied from facebook--the page of Roger Stone

Photo: Finally got Roger Stone's "The Man Who Killed Kennedy" for Kindle.


 Members and guests of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club were held spellbound by former Nixon and Reagan political consultant Roger Stone, speaking on his book, “JFK, the case against LBJ”, essentially putting the blame on and providing proof the President Johnson, not only orchestrated the assassination, but had his hand in many other nefarious deeds.

The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is modeled after the famous National Press Club in Washington DC. The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club provides a forum of public discourse and debate on politics, people and issues affecting our lives, our community, and our world.

The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is a non – partisan organization, and does not support political candidates, campaigns, nor take sides on political issues. While much of the world follows political issues and form their opinions through the news media, members of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club receive information straight from the “Tiger’s mouth.”
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