Dec 20, 2013

Bad Barbie Ann Coulter Justifies DD Hate Talk with Jesus

Bad Barbie Ann Coulter justifies hate with Jesus, and calls herself a Christian.

Religion without compassion.

Justifying their hate with Jesus.

Just have to speak at this time--past employment working with many gay men in the health care field.

Many were out but some, very few even knew they were gay.

But here is one thing about all of those guys

I would never, ever, ever want to do anything to hurt their feelings and if that happened in this Duck Dynasty thing with this ill-kept ex-hippie I am so sorry for any one who was offended.

Bombastic Barbie, Ann Coulter proclaiming these duck people are simply following the words of Jesus and the Bible.

Gee, how can I draw more attention to myself--who can I insult next.

Ann Coulter:  How can I single-handedly lay waste to the republican party.  How can I lose the election again in 2016.

Can I stop health care for every one.  Do I have an alternative or shall I just keep shouting insults.

So many of these gay men, my co-workers at every level--so often bailed me out at work.  No, not just once but many many times. Offering kind words of advice, as needed.

So often these lovely men carried on a conversation with me when others would not.

Thank you to all of these men for helping me out so many, many times and for being my friend.

To me, Jesus does not want to go around hurting other people's feelings.

What do you think Ann.

Ann and Sean Hannity book signing today in Florida.

I like the compassion of Reverend Al Sharpton and personally he has given me strength through his words and setting an example for accepting others and also telling his life story.

Art Bell Tells George Knapp About His New Show

CBOE's Michelle Kaufman Talks: What Actually is an Index Option

Ask the Options Institute

Why do they call an index option an index option?
There are two general types of options that are traded at securities exchanges in the United States. The first and oldest type of option is the stock option, introduced by The Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1973. The CBOE then introduced a second type of option ten years later, the index option.

These options have different names because they have different contract specifications. Such as underlying, delivery and exercise, last trading day and settlement price. The first major difference is the underlying. Stock options have shares of a specific stock such as Google or Ford for an underlying. An index option, however, has an underlying of a market index (hence the name "index" options) of many stocks such as the S&P 500 Stock Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Another key difference is what is delivered when an option is exercised. For a stock option, 100 shares of the specific stock are delivered. For an index option, the in-the-money cash value of the option is delivered.

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Peter Lusk Talks Stock Options: Out-of-the-Money Call Credit Spread

Strategy Discussion

Out-of-the-Money Call Credit Spread
Example: Stock is trading at $68
Outlook: You are neutral to bearish and would like to generate income from short term time decay.
Possible strategy: Credit Spread 
Sell one 30-day 75 strike call at $2.10
Buy one 30-day 80 strike call at $1.10
Net Credit $1.00
For more information on the risks and benefits of this strategy Click Here

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