Sep 15, 2013

I Want To Be Leslie Stahl So I Can Wear Her Earrings....

Yes, it's true.

I want Leslie's earrings....I want to make them.  I want to wear them.  I want to own them.

I want to be a good, no great--fantastic journalist, reporter, question asker like Leslie.

I  think if I was Leslie Stahl I would be a better person--certainly more talented and intelligent about my blog.

She is beautiful and brilliant and successful and does not give up in her question asking, yet remains polite but straight forward.

She has cute earrings.

Her earrings inspire me to make and sell my jewelry--they are a statement in color.

I like her .....and that is all.

Sincerely and admirably,

Chloe her cats walk on her keyboard when she is in the middle of an important story...or jump over it while typing....I bet not!