Aug 27, 2013

Chobani Pineapple Yogurt and Food Safety.......

Just wanted to tell everyone a little bit about Chobani Yogurt and food safety..

A very pleasant experience…..that would be calling Chobani Yogurt--the number on the container--and speaking with Jennifer in Customer Loyalty at the Norwich Office in New York.

Chobani--about the best yogurt in the San Diego area and at a reasonable price--is always excellent quality, texture, flavor--never faltering.

This time the yogurt must have been sitting in my frig afor about 2 weeks.  The foil top was elevated and a little of the contents was scouching out.

The expiration date was in the next month--Sept--but still a week away.

After opening the container--it looked fine--it seemed like a good idea to call the company, just in case……...

Jennifer was very interested in what I had to say .  She asked for information, my name and address and the information listed on the foil top of the container.  She asked for the serial number, as well.  They wanted to know everything about it--Jennifer took her time and was not in a rush.

She told me to definitely throw the yogurt away and not eat it as this was a very unusual occurance.

Chobani will be sending me a refund check in the mail.

This information seemed important to tell everyone if they are experiencing any issues with their yogurt and the friendliness and attention from Chobani was inspirational--well, compared to some companies that are almost impossible to get a hold of in tech support and that kind of thing…….phones……..

Wanted to also mention--the wait time was approximately 5 minutes and Jennifer was very concerned with the labeling information and my safety.

The Pineapple Yogurt actually looked fine after it was opened but there was a very faint smell similar to yeast--as if one was preparing to bake bread.

Theank you Jenifer and Chobani Yogurt for your kind interest in what I had to say, your prompt attention to detail and my refund