Aug 16, 2013

Crocheted Oval Rag Rug

Crocheted Oval Rag Rug

materials:  king sheet set from Anna's Linens cut into approx. one inch strips

Size J crochet hook

stitch:  single crochet

directions for a round rug:  Start with an eight stitch ring.

1st row--2 single crochets in each stitch.

2nd row--2 single crochets in every other stitch.

3rd row--2 single crochets in every 3rd stitch.

4th row--2 single crochets in every 4th stitch.

As the rug gets larger this may have to be adjusted as it may get wavy.

It is a very forgiving item to make, particularly if it is loose.....I never go back.....just keep adjusting as you go and it will be fine in the end.

do you know how to make a square or oblong rug.......can you tell us the directions.

Bill O'Reilly: Just plain wrong on the facts

Love the story....Bill has been going on about Oprah and this is the second African-American lady who told a story recently about being treated poorly in a store because they were not dressed properly, but they let it go and moved on---well......exact time in Tiffany's in Palm Springs I strolled in with baggy shorts, flip-flops, tee-shirt.  Right, I thought I looked just fine but after I left the store I saw myself walking by a shop mirror and was horrified at my legs--flabby, shorts way too thin and short, frizzy hair and a stained tee-shirt that was not at all shappy but baggy.

What's my point--the man in the store must have spent 30 minutes telling me about the color of diamonds, how diamonds were graded and  Tiffany's diamonds compared to others and what it meant to actually have a "Tiffany" diamond even though they may be more expensive comparatively.  

It doesn't add up.  We are not on the same level playing field.  Also--racism--white children, from a middle class school will not be beat up for gang affiliation.  That will never be in that kids repertoire of memories.  Again, Bill is dead wrong on his facts, as he often accuses Al Sharpton of whom he has an unhealthy vendetta against which reveals his racism and hate for others he feels are of a lower level than him, women and minorities.  But that is another story for another time.  Bill, is again and as usual,

Is Europe more sophisticated than the US when it comes to guns and health care?

Breaking Bad:  The US vs The UK

Laws that allow vigilante justice against kids.

Conservative right-wing talk shows that are culturally insensitive and happy about it.

Ted Nugent and Ann Coulter.

Health Care for everyone.


Street Cams.

Piers Morgan.

To put it mildly; is Britain a more sophisticated nation than the United States?

Are we the wild, wild west?

America, America, America.......the right wingers are always talking about saving America, the freedom of America, taking back America.  Wake up and see who and what America is--we are a beautiful coat of many colors.  To quote Rachel Jeantel these old white ROWGs are old school--outdated and out of style.....not to mention embarrassing.

Thank goodness we have President Obama and Eric Holder, people in power, people of color, mixed color, the color of America, who can actually do something about it--change laws, promote equality, nominate judges.   That’s the best thing we have done.  We have elected President Obama in an act of forward thinking.

Let’s move our country forward to equal rights for all, for all children, towards sophistication--let’s move out of the wild, wild west some are so proud of and fearful of losing and to a forward thinking country of education, equal opportunities, cultural sensitivity and laws that prevent vigilante justice against children.

Some of these right wing haters--you know the names--if they would bother to listen to the words of Reverend Al Sharpton they would see he has a lot of very interesting things to say--soothing words that are really needed right now in this time of anger and everyone taking sides.  

We have an opportunity now to see the world through the eyes of others, not just through the white prism--we have a chance to gain knowledge and cultural sensitivity.  What is wrong with that.  Isn't that sophistication and isn't that a good thing.

talking about stand your ground and my disdain at laws that allow vigilante justice against kids..........